Straightening giraffe frame?

So, my short ride today was a blast. :slight_smile: I straightened the frame a couple days ago but didn’t ride it till today. I successfully nailed almost every freemount :sunglasses: and rode around a bit. I then realized that it could use some adjusting, so I added air to the tire, tightened the chain and raised the saddle a few inches. Wowee :astonished: , I’m all of a sudden awesome at giraffe riding, I was turning on a dime, idling, hopping and experimenting with one foot! :D:D:D:D

I do have a question though, how tight is too tight on the chain? On a b*ke I always leave it just a little loose, but on a uni it rides way better if it’s barely loose at all. Am I going to damage anything by leaving the chain snug instead of loose?