Straightening giraffe frame?

I’ve got a torker tx 5ft and the frame has been slowly bending. Has anyone had good luck straightening one? How would I go about it?

Would you post a picture of the twist? I might be able to offer advice if I can see the problem.

It’s dark know so I can’t post an actual picture, but I can later. It isn’t really a twist, it is bent forward at the sprocket weld. I think if I just grab and pull I should be able to straighten it but I’m hesitant to do so without input from others who have done similar.

It’s the weak point in most giraffe frames. Best solution is to find someone who can weld some gussets in there (front and back). After bending it straight first, though if it’s a little bent and then reinforced, the bend won’t matter.

If it were bent to the side I’d suggest mounting with the other foot for a while. :slight_smile:

I’d not worry about it

Need a picture of the real damage. I can wait.

I think the frame designer didn’t consider that the riders of these do rolling, as well as static, mounts. The rolling mounts put a tremendous amount of stress on the frame. You might want to switch the seat around and mount the other way around a few times. That might bend it back straight again. After that, have a gusset welded in, or learn to climb it standing still.
(Yes, I realize that I have no business giving advice if I’m not prepared to do it myself. I don’t own a giraffe, and I’m not likely to get one any time soon. But I’ve sure seen a lot of pictures of them bent at that same spot. So take it for what it’s worth.)

Maybe I’ll get my dad to do it at some point. It probably isn’t worth doing if it takes as long to bend again after being straightened.

That’s a brilliant idea, I’d want to swap the cranks around too so the pedals don’t unscrew.

Probably taboo, but if it was my giraffe, I’d lay it down with the bend facing up, and stand on the bend. Works everytime, it’s easy, and quick. I’ve done it a ton on my giraffe seeing as how it bends if I look at it the wrong way.

That’s what I was originally tending to do, and still might. I just hope that it doesn’t happen too often.

If you do running mounts get used to a bent frame…

And it bends if you look at it the wrong way because it’s been bent and unbent so many times. That’s why I recommend the gussets as the easiest/cheapest long-term fix. Or get a different giraffe with a stronger frame, but that tends to be the weakest point on most giraffe frames that bend. Running mounts also put side force on; I was fortunate to only bend the seat post on my old Schwinn Giraffe while I was learning to do a running mount one-footed. Fortunately those were strong frames, and did not bend as easily.

Me and my Giraffe in Singapore, 1994. Yes, that is proper attire for riding a Schwinn Giraffe in Singapore while someone is getting wedding photos. :wink:

Don’t worry, I plan to get a Schwinn someday and put gussets on it just like you’re saying. Just not today. I still have visions of giraffe Muni or a geared up Hipo.

I actually bent mine so bad from running mounts, that my sprockets would no longer line up from all of the side force. That one was fun to straighten, and involved my giraffe, a '76 Chevy, and a ball hitch. But I don’t expect much out of an old Savage. :roll_eyes:

I’d static mount more to avoid the bending, but running mounts are far to easy and convenient IMO.

Why not both? Not recommended at the same time, unless you use a low gear ratio. How do you know about the Hipo? And in any case, let me know if you need any advice if you get to doing it.

They don’t make those Chevy’s like they used to. Try doing that with a 1990’s Chevy. Oops, what was standing on the fenders to “curb mount”. Definitely don’t try that with a newer car!

Of course a Schwinn frame will be a lot more burly, but your riding descriptions suggest you should go straight to the gussets when you get one.

See if that’s still true with a 6-footer. :slight_smile:

It is a 6 footer. :slight_smile: For some reason, I have a harder time getting static mounts dialed in. I’m far more consistent with running mounts.

I saw the Hipo on your site I believe (do tend to be a bit of a sig chaser), and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since.

Would one of you guys mind posting a pic of a strengthened frame?

I posted a pic here, some time ago…

Wow, a giraffe muni!

Does anyone else have a decent picture of a strengthened giraffe frame? I’d like it if it did not show up very well.