Straight comparison

The last few days I’ve been riding the Holy Roller, and breaking up my ride with short sprints with the specific aim of reaching the maximum peak spead I can achieve.

Today I went out on the Bacon Slicer and did the same.

Holy Roller: 26" wheel, 2.5" block tread tyre (around 40 psi) and 125mm cranks. Heavy machine.

Bacon Slicer: 700c (28") lightweight wheel, 28mm (just over 1") slick tyre (around 120 psi) and 114 mm cranks.

So which is faster? The heavy uni with the fat tyre and the long cranks, or the skinny lightweight uni with a bigger wheel and shorter cranks?

Max speeds measure by GPS on similar surfaces in similar weather:

Holy Roller: 14.3 mph (23 kph)

Bacon Slicer: 13.9 mph (22.4 kph)

Over the last year or two I have done far more miles on and off road on the Bacon Slicer than the Holy Roller.