STP - Seattle to Portland < 24 hours

Smokin’ Joe


I heard about the hub breaking the week before the STP and that alone had to be disheartening. So much depended on that hub. It was a whole lot more than a $1700.00 toy that broke. A huge investment of effort and time just to show up ready for an undertaking of this magnitude and somehow you always kept focused when it would have been easy to be underwhelmed by barriers at the last and worst possible moments before the STP. You kept rolling with it(even though your hub was’nt rolling with you).

It would have been nice to have some decent rest before the STP. It sounds like you surmounted quite a few ordeals right before the STP that would have crushed the spirit of the less committed and sapped the strength that would make something like this even remotely possible. It takes so much more than decent weather to pedal a unicycle over 200 miles to Portland…and you did it under 24 hours.

Hard to find the words to attach to an accomplishment this iconic.

Thank you again for all the help you and Lana have been. I needed you guys and you delivered, always so modest and accessible. It was nice to roll in Sunday and see you both with the earnest smiles of a winning team.

In baseball they have a (Runs Batted In)…the RBI stat and I think there should be a Unicyclist Batted In stat for the STP…or a UBI. So Joe Meyer should have 3 STP Finishes with 1 UBI. Lana Meyer 3 STP Assists with 1 UBI, …and Silvia is mascot of the year. Bruce Dawson gets a UBI to add to his STP Finish for his fine advice and excellent writing.

Amazing Joe! Congratulations!!!

Bellingham Herald

Bellingham Herald 23 July 2010

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Unicycle team conquers Seattle to Portland in 24 hours
Published: Thu, 07/22 @ 12:01AM
Bellingham’s most famous unicyclist struck again over the weekend, this time completing the Seattle to Portland bike journey in under 24 hours.

But not far behind Joe Myers’ impressive feat was the actions of his wife Lana, who followed her husband in a vehicle the entire 204 miles. Much of that time she used the vehicle’s headlights to show Joe the way, since he started the race at 9:15 p.m. Friday, July 16, and rode through the night. He finished just prior to 9:15 p.m. Saturday, July 17.

Together they conquered a course that often gives traditional two-wheelers fits, with many taking two days to make the trek. It also gave Joe something to brag about to his unicycling buddies.

“I just kind of run on the same adrenalin he runs on,” Lana said. “I enjoy being with him and supporting him. I tell him I’m the wind at his back.”

Joe Myers was one of thousands of riders who made the annual trip, which is sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club. He finished in 23 hours, 58 minutes and 59 seconds, beating his goal of finishing in 24 hours by about a minute. Regular Seattle to Portland bikers caught up to him Saturday morning just south of Centralia.

For the one-wheeler, the end combined an urgency to finish under 24 hours with the stop-and-go traffic of Portland near the finish line.

“I burned just under 11,000 calories according to my heart monitor,” he said. “It’s grueling. It’s tough. It’s punishing just to do it in two days.”

But Joe did it in one day, giving him distinction among the unicycling community as being the fifth one-wheeled rider to cover at least 200 miles in 24 hours, he said.

“My wife and I basically went 40 hours with no sleep,” Joe said.

The ride was as adventurous as it was arduous. In Puyallup during the early morning hours, Joe almost ran over a man who appeared intoxicated and not totally aware of where he was walking. And the police actually followed behind the Myers party for distances, because they’re “bored so they’ll follow you for miles,” he said. And it was cold.

“You know, it’s three in the morning,” Joe said.

At the finish, Joe met up with a fellow unicycler who rode along with him for the last three miles. Then they dined in a park, with spaghetti, salad and champagne.

“The champagne tasted really good,” Joe said.

It would. It was Joe’s third time doing the Seattle to Portland on his one-wheeled bike, but it was his first time completing in a single day.

“They give him a bad time,” Lana said. “Some of them tell him he’s awesome, some of them tell him he’s nuts and give him thumbs up.”

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STP Seattle to Portland < 24 hours

Coming to WA for Mt Baker ride in Sept. after seeing you do it in 07. Would like to talk with you about it…contact me if you