STP - Seattle to Portland < 24 hours

It’s has been accomplished. 17 July 2010 - 202.8 mile STP route in less than 24 hours.

Tenth and eleventh personal unicycle centuries back to back.

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holy poop!
That’s insane bungie! :smiley:

STP Seattle to Portland

THAT’S MY SUPERMAN!!! GOOD JOB JOE! I am so proud of you. So proud to be your wife and support team. Forever Loving you, your wife Lana.


Amazing. You did this ungeared as well right, since your hub is in for repair?

Phenomenal. Congratulations!

Thanks to Kris, who loaned me his personal Schlumpf hub, I had a 36 guni to ride.

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Way to go Joe! And the weather there would seem made to order for such a ride!

Wow. That is absolutely fantastic. Nice work!! Also congrats to Lana, as support is certainly an integral part of any big achievement like this.
How were your knees after that?


Excellent achievement, Joe. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a write-up once you’ve recovered.



Joe Meyers’ STP 9pm start…

Here’s my phone picture of Joe Friday Night at 9:00 pm at Husky Stadium as he begins this EPIC all-night all-day record setting ride.

Thanks for inspiring us all, Joe!

wow! My congratulations to you and your family. I would be interested in hearing your training schedule and what it was like. that was amazing. great job!

I’ll add my congrats, Joe, and big props to Lana, too!

Joe doesn’t train, he just rides unicycle centuries every few days. :astonished:

The late-breaking news of your stunning achievement was announced during the NAUCC awards ceremony. The crowd went wild! You are an inspiration.


Another reason why Kris rules - I am glad you were able to borrow one of his hubs for the ride!

If you are still using your set up of the geared 36 with clipless pedals and 125mm cranks…how often do you find yourself using high gear with 125s? I had a hard time pushing the geared 36 in high gear with 125s, so I’d imagine you make use of the low gear quite a lot (50% of the STP maybe?) or do you just tough it out and push it in high gear most of the way except the long climbs?

Once again, congrats, I don’t know how you do these long epic rides with no handle, I get bad enough saddle pain when taking some weight off with my handle.

You are a beast, and an inspiration. What is next on your list of things to do on the uni?

Joe you are a Machine! Great work, you all ways seem to have amazing achievements :slight_smile:

Wow… that’s amazing. I’ve never rode that much on a bike in one day… and I was riding quite a lot… congratulations!

I am one of many people who have had the honor of briefly riding behind Joe.

Amazing. Thanks.

Animal… And to have such great support. You certainly planned this one out very well. I have been riding at night allot lately, and I really enjoy it. Great accomplishment Joe, keep pushing the limit!

It takes a team effort to get me there!

It takes a team to get me through a ride like this. My wife Lana makes a great contribution to helping me complete these type of events. If you think you want to try it, consider how much you ask of the support team. More than one person would certainly be advantages. Lana and I went for 40 hours with little or no sleep. Between dealing with equipment problems, loading, travel to the start, and post event issues it takes a lot out of us to put it all together.

Each time we have had trouble with drunks both walking and driving. Be prepare to be followed for miles at a time by police, sheriffs, and state patrol. Late at night they have nothing else to do but watch you ride through their patrol area. The STP route travels through a military base and Lana has noticed the MPs watching her from the other side of the fence, the enlisted men laying on the ground with weapons leveled and armed with the duty officer standing behind them. Every one get nervous when she parks and waits for me or when driving through following me at 14 mph.

Last year when we tried to do this in 24 hours to many little items added up to the point were we both started to get rummy. We decided to stop while we were still friends and before one of us got hurt. I was in better physical condition last year but it just was not our day.

Here are picture of what the support driver endures for the eight or more hours of darkness.

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