Stp 2021

Hey y’all. I saw that registration is open to the public in a few days, provided you aren’t already a member, and was wondering if anyone was planning on participating this year?

I’m on the fence a bit but if I can get some solid training the next few months and figure out travel, it’d be great to see other unicycles out there.

Back to back centuries are exactly what the last year and half of training has been leading up to, afterall.

You’re a better man than me. For me, a single century on a bicycle would be brutal, but just barely doable.

For any one not local, The Seattle to Portland, or STP, is an annual one- or two-day supported bicycle ride from Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, in the United States. The STP “is considered one of the 10 biggest recreational bicycle rides in the country, drawing riders from across the nation and from other nations”, and has been operating since 1979. The ride is organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club.


Well, that’s too bad the border is closed, or else I’d make the trip down there.
Always next year, I guess. It would help to have something bigger than a 26" too…

Shoot, I’m still at the point where a mile seems hopelessly far away!

I will say, I came across this article a while back on the subject, and found it pretty inspiring…