Stop and Idle

I can practically idle now (maybe 5 before I lose it) but I can’t stop while riding to start idling. Same with stopping with the pedals even. The inertia just carries me into the next rotation and today I finally stopped but fell on my back and shot the uni 5 feet out.

Any advice for stopping? The best I’ve heard is ride toward a wall, but I am wall-less around my area.

Who needs stopping? Just ride and eventually the stopping will come.


Keep your weight on the seat. Practice riding with as little pressure on the pedals as possible. Once you learn to ride lighter on the pedals you’ll find it easier to come to a quick stop and easier to idle and easier to come to a stop and go right into an idle.

I learned by riding toward a wall and it just started happening. It also helped me learn riding backward. I would ride toward the wall, stop then idle a few times and start pedaling backwards.

I feel so out of control with less weight on the pedals. It scares me and I fall (I know, mental barrier, right?)

But my pedals are practically smooth and so are my Chucks. My feet slip when I mount the thing.

Nah, it’s a practice barrier. :slight_smile:
More practice.


What is your source for the following quote in your replies:

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Then I’m off!

Try riding as slowly as you possibly can. When the cranks come horizontal, try and hover there momentarily. Slowly work into rocking the cranks back and forth, concentrating on staying relaxed–especially relax your stomach.

In other words, slow down into this rocking action. You can also practice the rocking/idling action with a hand against a wall or a truck or a fence.

Getting in and out of tricks or techniques is as hard as the technique, so pay attention to the transition.

Then practice for a few days and you’ll have the basics.


I actually did it! I somehow managed to stop with my right foot in the right position to idle. For whatever reason i can’t idle with my left foot as easily, though I learned to mount and ride with both feet. Oh well. I need to figure out to stop on the correct foot to idle with. I’ll try stopping with them horizontal.