Stongest 5" square taper cranks!

True dat, Phil, true dat


I now have kooka’s in 170 and 127’s.

I only went to Darren’s to pick up some club uni’s, but he had those lying on the table staring up at me.

They weren’t originally for sale, but Darren is quite a gracious gentleman :slight_smile:

Had there been a splined set of 127’s, I wouldn’t have gotten these, as they are just about as much $ but I’m a big fan of the 127’s

I got these instead of trying out yet another set of Monty’s

Thanks again, Darren

Nice site - it’s rare to find a page that has more than one type of 140mm crank listed on it!

By the way don’t bother with the cheapo Dotek 140mm cranks. The spider needs removing (which takes plenty of sawing and filing) and my pair bent when I did a mere 2 foot drop on them. As well as that the right crank would never stay tight for more than 15 minutes of trials riding - highly annoying!