Stongest 5" square taper cranks!

Well, obviously a splined hub would be stronger.

But who wants 145mm cranks for trials? Not this cat.

The good folks at Bedford Unicycles have come up with this solution…

Darren machined some stock Kooka’s (170mm) into these delicious 127’s!

They were ano-blue, but they’ve been powdercoated.


and another view


Delicious indeed! I had thought about cuting down and re-tapping Kooka cranks before, but wasn’t game enough to lay down the dolleros to do it. Good on ya for doing it.

I’d be interested to know how they stand up to trials riding.


The only others I’ve used is the stock steel ones, and went through 3 sets. (it’s soo much easier to plop down a 20 spot every few months sometimes)

I rarely use my trials uni now that I have my 24". It’s just so easy for trials, (compared to my former 26") I haven’t found anything I can do on my Monty that I can’t on my MUni. The MUni uses the long Kooka’s, and they hold up fine, I think these will be great.

I think I’m gonna spend more time on the Monty…I’ve been disregarding it, and I figure I MUST be able to go bigger with it than the Gazz MUni.


They are cool!

What is the best size crank of trials?

I used to use 125s on my cotterless hubed UDC, but my wheel is away at the minute getting a KH hub, and 140 cranks on.

Most of the trials unis come with 140 (ish) cranks? Dont they?



That’s the only ‘strong’ stuff out there.

I would be led to believe that people are using 145’s because that’ the only stong option. There really isn’t any benefit to them over 127’s.
I prefer 5" cranks, and now I have them. Done and done.

mmmmmmm, ain’t she pretty?

Edit: Forgot to mentio that this Uni is setup for Mrs Sofa’s height.

(She got about 10 pedal rotations in from an assisted mount yesterday…(her longest so far)…yeehaw!)


Onza and KH cranks are 140mm. I’ve not played with mine yet, but I think I’m going to prefer 140s over 125s for that little bit of extra leverage.


Thanks Phil, you proved that even ol’ Sofa can be wrong!

I’m still a 127 Hombre

Please (just for my own sake of mind) What leverage do you mean, while doing trials?

Until I got the KH I’ve been using 125s. Occasionally that little bit extra force on the pedal would be nice to make sure you can stop the wheel if it wants to roll away, for example on a thin ledge or ridge. My crash from the top of a rock ( wouldn’t have happened if I had just had enough force to stop the wheel rolling backwards. I’m not too keen on jumping onto narrow things for fear of the wheel zipping out from under me, sending me crashing to earth.

How much of a difference it might make, I’ve no idea; I shall find out as soon as I can sit on a unicycle without wincing…



Sorry to say…that wasn’t a leverage issue…simply poor balance.

leverage,makes it easier to get the wheel moving in a tight trials like situation.

also the slightly wider stance makes it better for hoppong around,but 145mm is still to lame in other area to justify those 2 things in my opinion.

i it is also amazing how much better 140mm felt compared to 145mm. that sight bit felt like night and day.i tried for a long time to get Profile to make me some 130’s but they couldnt,and i eventually sold my KH20 because of the crank lenth.145mm was just to sloppy for me.if you want to get the feeling of what it was like,put somthing like 225mm cranks on your 24"

Well, not really… I was standing entirely on the front pedal but it just wasn’t enough to stop the thing rolling backwards. If I could have stopped it rolling I could have gone on from there without falling off.

The way I should have done it, of course, was jumping a bit further to make sure I was over or past the top; longer cranks would have made the “zone” where I could stay in one place larger.

I think it’s more important with a smaller wheel, as the length of wheel “on the bottom” is shorter.


I was thinking obout doing this once upon a time, but I know i’d just break the hub again and again. hope it works well for you though.

those weren’t your old kookas were they? or did you buy a new set and have them machined? How much did it cost to have that done?


Thanks for that…

Of what I have heard, Im pleased Im getting 140s! :smiley:

Poor Phil! No really! He could not help it! I wanted to put longer cranks on my MUni, but I use it for getting around, not just MUni.

I may get a spare pair for the summer! :smiley:


I found this website:

that has cranks that go down to 130mm. Most of them would require the spider to be ground off the right crank, but it looks like the Supercross 140 has a removeable spider. The RPM’s look quite beefy.

I wasn’t suggesting that Phil is a lousy unicyclist who can’t balance, I was saying that in the case he showed in the video, had he been leaning forward more, or had jumped higher up onto the rock, he’d be fine.

He seemed to suggest the cranks were to blame. Seeing the video, I think they are not.

Now lay off, Jagur, don’t make me tell everyone what you did those 5 days last September. You know what I’m talking about. Come clean!

The cranks were not “to blame” as such - that can only lie with me - but had they been slightly longer the envelope in which I could have stayed upright would have been larger.

Jumping further up the rock would be the best solution, but a little bit extra leverage would have saved me in that situation. Every little helps, as they say.


Hmmm, deja vu