Stone Under Water-Trials

YouTube description-My remake of my old Stone Under Water video. :slight_smile:

Nice skills! Your rail riding is really good, I wish I were half as good as you at them. I liked the really high handrail near the middle, but most of the video was boring to watch because of the filming/editing, plus skinny riding is impressive in real life but it’s hard to make it interesting on videos. Try doing trial lines that involve skinny riding for future videos, that’d be more fun to watch:)

For my next video, I’am only going to do trials lines and I won’t be doing any black and white stuff. Personally I don’t like the black and white, but that is what the band Lead Foote did for a video and so I was trying to make that similiar. :slight_smile:

I like it! that high skinny was sick!

  • there are not much trial videos these days :stuck_out_tongue:
    didn’t like the end tho, where you replay the whole video, but it was still cool

Yeah the ending didn’t come together as planned! oh well :wink: