36" nimbus DX/airfoil rim. magura brake set, T7 wrapped with black/red bar tape with two bottle holders a pouch on the rearframe and a cateye wireless cycling computer.

locked up for half an hour on a ground level porch…lock cut and unicycle stolen…no one else in Lafayette, IN this time of year can even ride this unicycle…$950 up in the air until I get an idea of where its going or went…this is a small college town out for summer with a few townies…it cant go far but honestly…what the &#^

no one can use this. theres only a handful of places it can end up.

what town, state?

Ouch! That’s a big loss! I sincerely hope you get it back soon. It’s this kind of senseless crime that I just can’t understand. Whoever stole it will probably never put it to use and if they do, they’ll certainly be spotted very quickly. I wish you luck in your retrieval.

There should be stocks in the towne square and public floggings for bike thieves. Bike thieves make me angry. I hope you can get lucky and get it back.

What kind of lock was cut?

In all likelihood, the thief does not know the rarity of the item he now holds. If it had happened to me where I live, I would scour CRAIGSLISTs for a few weeks, using keyword Nimbus and unicycle in the hope that he’d be good enough to post there.
I went ahead and did all of Indiana for you just now - seems like Craig’s is pretty common down there too. In all of IN there were only two hits - one was an ‘items wanted’ and the other was the word ‘unicycle’ buried among a list of items for an upcoming auction. Took about 5 minutes to enter the two keywords, separately, for all of the subregions of IN.

My sympathies man. Just over 24 hours ago, I was accosted while with my Coker. I’m tuned into the criminal element just now. I HATE them right now - they seem to me the worst kinds of parasites - parasitical humans. If you can find a posting and set up a sting - prepare yourself to have no mercy.

At least you have photographic proof you owned it, have you been to the police yet? give them a photo and Im sure they will keep an eye out for it.

police report was made out 20 mins after it was spotted missing (oxymoron?)…

all bike shops personally know me in the area and theres nothing but cornfields for 60 miles in any direction of here. I have a friend thats in with local pawn shop owners and he’s spreading the word to them. Of the 8 people spotted in our few hours of dark searching it came up that 7 of them knew of our group of 3 that I was the unicyclist…so this unicycle and my face go hand in hand in my town. I’m not sure how someone could get away with this if they tried unless they just hang on to it…

lock was a 4 digit 0-9 cable lock…its not military grade by any means but it would have taken some work or a good pair of cutters to get through… There was also a bike stolen last night and a car break in in this same area so its likely related.

To the above poster, I’ve had items thrown, things yelled and gestures slinged my way while in the saddle…that does get to me after a while, but this…its a whole different kind of stupid.

There is a cash reward for the safe return of my unicycle if anyone is in the Lafayette/Indiana area and stumbles across it. I’ll keep my eyes glued on craigslist, local bike/pawn shops and ebay as needed. thanks for anyone that can help

no leads yet, but morale is good…looks like I have the university body on my side

Sorry to bump the thread, but it looks like a friend setup a donation fund for hopes of me being able to replace my unicycle in time for ragbrai

(the below is cross linked from purdue’s forums)

Tuesday June 19th: Donation fund has been setup with Lafayette Bank and Trust. All extra proceeds will go to the Purdue Juggling and Unicycling club. The account number is as follows:

Purdue Unicyclist’s Team Replacement Fund / Dennis Guzman
Account #: 9000088916
Thank you for any support as it all adds up <3

I keep forgetting you can’t edit posts after some time. Anyway I forgot to mention that you can also paypal any donation to the following:

thank you again for your time.