stolen unis

>Most places, if they want your buisness, will let you take your unicycle in
>with you.

The difference in store’s attitudes to bicycles and unis is very pronounced. I
have been on long solo tours on my recumbent where I forewent the weight penalty
of a U-bolt lock and felt it necessary to roll it into large stores like
Hypermart. I was immediately descended on by store security and told I couldn’t
bring in my bike. When I explained my situation they offered to watch it for me
at the front of the store while I did my shopping. However I came back minutes
later to find my bike leaning against a wall right by the door and no store
personnel in sight. :frowning:

When I take in my unicycle, either no one seems to notice, or the novelty of the
situation short-circuits their normal attitude. Even Wal-Mart greeters (who
insist on putting those stupid stickers on everything you carry in,) don’t
bother me. Still, I make it a point to always carry it so the wheel doesn’t
touch the floor. I tuck the seat under one arm like a crutch and hold the top of
the wheel with that hand.

Having to carry a lock for my uni would be a real drag so even though I’ve been
sorely tempted, I never ride in stores. The unicycle is family and it goes
where I go.

Dennis Kathrens