Stolen unis

Most places, if they want your buisness, will let you take your unicycle in
with you. If they give you trouble you just leave, i never have had to do
this though cause most places don’t care. They’ll either let me carry it
with me or they will have me leave it at the door where it will be
supervised. If you think about it, strollers are allowed almost anywhere,
and unicycles are about the same size if not smaller. Also strollers have
wheels which touch the oh so dirty ground so they will track in as much as
would a uni, or your shoes for that matter. I almost never leave my uni
outside, in fact i think that if someone asked me to leave it outside
(usually in university buildings) i’ll just get what i want and leave, or
if they wont let me buy anything, which by the way never has happened, i’ll
just leave. The only way my unicycle would get stolen would be from inside
my house and i don’t think that’s too likely.

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