stolen unicycle


My first time posting on these forums, although I have been reading them for a while.

I am going to college in bellingham, wa and when I got back from christmass break, my unicycle was stollen. It is a black steel kh 24, with a newish red kris holm seat. It doesn’t really have any distinguishing features, other than it looks pretty beat up.

So, if any of you guys live in bellingham, and see one that looks like that lying around, let me know.


Good luck with your search. I’m sorry I don’t have any specific information about your uni, but I knew a friend who had his uni stolen. His was dumped into the Wabash River in West Lafayette, IN. Strangers can be awful people when they come up with half-baked, drunken ideas about people that make them jealous.

I hope your uni came across more positive circumstances, but we’re all behind you, regardless.

Keep a lookout on craigslist and ebay. Sometimes they pop up there as seen before on this forum.

yeah, dude.
sorry to hear that.
totally check out craiglist and ebay every so often.
maybe local pawnshops too?

I’m Watching

I’ll watch for it. Did you turn it in to UPD? BPD? Check WWU lost and found?
I work for WWU, Facilites Management. Was it in a dorm or where?
J Myers

Thanks for all the advice. I did notify the campus police, and have been checking cragslist and ebay. Luckily, I got some property insurance when I went to college, so most of the price is covered.

Do you go to Western?

I’m over an hour away but I’ll alert you if anything round here pops up…

that sucks man I had my 07 KH stolen right after I got a K1 gel seat and some wellgo mg 52 pedals on it. so if anyone lives in the west jordan area of utah and sees anything let me know. I checked pawn shops and ebay and stuff with no luck hopefully your search goes better