stolen unicycle recovered: it pays to advertise!

I was not too happy the other day but I received a phone call saying it had been found!

I had placed a couple of strategic ads on lamp posts near the station a week ago and this paid off - more so than reporting it to the police. The finder discovered it when they opened their back gate and it fell in. She mentioned it in passing to her brother, who had seen the advert.

She lives in the same road as me, and the unicycle was in a back alley - presumably it took the thief a hundred metres or so to realise they couldn’t ride it! The police had mentioned that stolen bikes are usually just ‘borrowed’ and then dumped near where the thief wants to go, but rarely claimed when recovered.

I’m more happy about this than finally getting somewhere permanent to live after 5 months in limbo!

P.S. - On the advert I offered a free lesson to the finder… we’ll see if she claims it!

ahaha free lesson thats a good idea.

Anyways its nice to know you got it back, the thief obviously gave up pretty quick.

I usually hate comments that say nothing but just something like “fantastic post”, but I feel for making one.

Mike, I’m glad to hear that your 29" was recovered. Still planning on purchasing a KH29/geared unicycle now that you have your nimbus back?

I love a happy story :smiley:


Now to find the theif!

That must be a relief Mike.

It isn’t about just the money value about getting something stolen, we do get attached to our unicycles.


That’s pretty cool. Glad you got it back:)

Its like you become one with the wheel

Just wait till your advertisers in Uni find out about your advertising success. :sunglasses:

Mouse, shame on you - of course I’ll be getting a geared uni regardless (although it’ll be a 24)!
The lady I collected it from was very kind although quite ignorant of the existance of such a contraption. She appreciated the bottle of wine much more than the offer of a lesson.
The unicycle itself was none the worse for it’s experience.
Attempting to find the thief would be a huge amount of hassle. If the police were willing to do it, at least 4 innocent people would need to be fingerprinted (and added to their database - no thanks, big brother) and the remaining unknown prints would belong to the thief/ves. Maybe they would have a record, most likely not. And all they did was ‘move’ it… annoying but hopefully the police have better things to do with their time… I’m happy with the end result.

Just look for the person limping along with bloody shins and a pronounced aversion to clowns.