stolen unicycle at summer EUC

I post the following text in the name of the EUC orga group cause we thought all should know about and we also still hope that those guy maybe change his mind.

At the EUC 2010 in Brno a very bad thing happend. While nearly all riders enjoyed this great convention and were having a lot of fun at the Friday night party, someone stole a unicycle. Unfortunately we can be sure, that it wasn’t stolen by outsiders, but by one or more participants of the convention.
In that night and on the next morning Daniel (the rider who misses the unicycle) and his friends searched for it a lot cause we all thought it was just used by a drunk rider and left somewhere. Unfortunately they found nothing and during the next days it became clear that it was stolen.
One rider reported that another one had a new carbon plate on the next day which he did’t buy at the convention place. The missing unicycle had a carbon base and impact seat, the rider who now has a new carbon plate (also with impact cover) still hasn’t told us where he got it from.
Two days later, when a farmer was cutting the field next to the way, which leads from the EUC area to the gym, the wheel set was found in the field. But the Frame, the cranks, the pedals and the tire were not there. So apparently the thief / the thiefs took the unicycle apart at Friday night and for some reason threw away the wheel set.
Daniel was so kind not to involve the police during EUC , cause he didn’t want to bring the bad feeling of a police investigation over the EUC while it was running. We all hoped that the thief might return the stolen parts to a place on the EUC area, when he would realize that everyone was searching for it, but unfortunately nothing has happened.
We collected donations for him on the last evening, so that he gets at least a bit money to buy a new unicycle. It was absolutely not his fault, that the unicycle is gone. The unicycle disappeared from a place where approx. 20 unis were laying. The thief maybe chose this unicycle because it had the same seat but with a carbon base that he could use without raising suspicion.
We talked to several persons who seem to be involved in that strange story and all of them seem to protect their friends / themselves. We as the host and especially Daniel are very angry.
So we now want to offer a last and final chance to those people who know what was going on. They should send us a clear information containing the location/s of all the other parts of the unicycle (yellow KH frame, cranks, tire, pedals, seat with carbon plate, seatpost). If the responsible person contacts us personally or via a friend and all missing parts come back to Daniel in good conditions, nothing else will happen to them.
If we don’t get informed until 6th September 2010, the Czech and Austrian police will be involved and we will hand out all information and witnesses to the police. Independent from that we will block those people who are involved from all upcoming EUC’s and publish their names for other European hosts, to protect the security of future events.

Aw, that’s really sad to hear :(. Didn’t expect that to happen on a EUC. I hope he gets his unicycle parts back!

What a disappointment…

i just can’t understand how someone can have the idea of doing that during a unicycle convention…
for sure this/ those people are not the people we want to meet at unicycle convention
i hope that Daniel will get his unicycle back or at least will be able to buy a new one soon

good luck daniel!!!

Wow I’m really sorry to heat that :/… As Bobousse said there’s no reason to do it in a UniConvention! Everybody there should be having fun together!

I know it’s not the first time that something like that happens… And I’m really sad that it keeps happening… With lucky the responsables will send stuff back to Daniel!.. If not, I can’t see why the police shouldn’t be involved! I now that it’s bad for the community but that was a crime, and if even with that second chance the responsable don’t show up or send stuff back, he should face the consequences!

Good luck to Daniel! Hopefully he will get his uni back soon!

And also, thanks to the EUC Staff (even If I wasn’t there this time!)! Everybody is doing so much for the sport of unicycling over there, that cases like that are not a disrespect only to Daniel, but to all of you guys!

This is realy sad :frowning: I hope Daniel gets all his parts back.

This is pretty low. Come the 6th if they don’t make things right to Daniel they should not only be black listed at EUC events, but from other events like Unicon XVI etc too. There is no place in such a small community for people like this.

I hope he gets the parts back soon! Why would someone do that to somebody else…? :frowning: :astonished:

yellow KH frame should be pretty recognisable I think…? :slight_smile:
But yeah, whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves.

Thieves suck. Go get 'em!

Stealing is so low and selfish. It doesn’t even need to be said.

It is a huge shame that it still exists in such a small community like unicycling… at a convention of all places.

Funnily enough it’s not the first time I’ve heard of theft at a unicycle convention. A friend of mine had several bits of clothing (some nice Koxx shirts you can’t get anymore for starters) stolen straight from the dorm he was staying in. I am pretty sure there are many other small thefts going on here and there without anyone noticing.

That guy who had the suspicious CF/Impact seat should be questioned thoroughly.> Where he bought them from, and proof of it, etc. It might not be that guy, but the fact that he didn’t give a straight answer as to the origins of his sudden new CF/Impact seat is a giveaway in most cases.

If he gets found out, he fully deserves to be publicly named and shamed. Also blacklisted from all unicycle conventions for at least half a decade.

thats really unfortunate to hear. i hope that it turns up.

Really disappointing news :frowning: I would have thought you would be able to trust unicyclists of all people :angry:
Will make me think twice before leaving my unicycles laying around at conventions from now on.

To keep the posts about EUC in balance: I’d like to asure you that EUC was at a very nice venue, had many nice postive riders, supporters and alike around, and had fantastic competition of a very high level, but most of all a very nice atmosphere.
It was great!

This small number of people who act primitive, and continue in childish behaviour is disapointing. Imaginen this happening to you!
I hope you have more braincells than the number of wheels in a unicycle. Use them both for one second, and take this opportunity to correct your stupidity. Else you simply don’t belong to ANY unicycle community.

I’m convinced it doesn’t take many low-tec forensic skills to come with clear evidence (legally obtained, or clandestine -you started-) tracing straight to you. Even when not convicted, being linked to this relative small crime may harm your career at very surprising moments in your future.
What you give, is what you get. So I’d suggest you better pay a little respect now.

I find it hard to fathom the stupidity of some people.


Finaly the stolen Unicylce will be payed by a Father from one of the people that seemed to be responsible. So we are not sure if those kids learn anything but the Unicylce will be payed completely so from the financial aspect it work out good in the end. Thanks for all you comments, hopefully it prevent us from some upcoming simmilar problems.

Hopefully that Dad will take payment out of the thief’s a$$ to teach him to respect other people’s property. Daddy won’t always be there to smooth things over, and jail isn’t nearly as pleasant. Good to hear the victim will get a new ride out of the deal.

Bailed out by the rents eh?

I hope the kid was under 16 and learns a lesson or two.

I can’t beleive how a person would be so mean stealing a unicycle. Espacially during a convention like EUC!

How old is this “kid”?

And where did the stolen Uni go?