stolen uni?

I ride on campus all the time, but I never lock anything up. I mean, it wasn’t a big deal when I was just riding my Torker cx, but I’ve got my coker out now. I know a few people who’ve had bikes stolen, but I’m not that concerned about my unis. But maybe I should be.

So, who has had a unicycle stolen? And, I suppose it’s slim, but did anyone get it back?

Yep, I have had a uni stolen and know of several others who have also had unis stolen. I know of only one case where a stolen uni was recovered and that was because the thieves were pursued and they ditched the uni during the pursuit.

I have suspicions that unicycles are stolen by non-riders who then either throw the unicycle away or leave it unused somewhere. Lock up your uni if leaving it in a public place unattended. It only takes one idiot to think it would look cool in their house for it to go missing.

When I was a student I also had to suffer my unicycle being “kidnapped” on a regular basis. A bunch of people in my hostel took to kidnapping it and leaving it in unsual places (usually up a tree somewhere). I was late for several classes because I was busy trying to find my unicycle after it had been kidnapped.

[B]id reccomend locking it up…i do…im scared shitless my baby will get nicked


u will love your uni when u become…with…it…its hard to explain

please dont leave your uni

for me haha


Don’t leave anything unlocked on a college campus. Too many kids there taking advantage of their new found freedom away from the parents to steel things. There are professional thieves that target college campuses too. Then there are also kids pulling pranks that involve messing with your stuff.

Lock your stuff up. Lock up your dorm room door. Keep an eye on your belongings while carrying them around.

I locked up my uni when I took it to campus. Never had any problems with it being messed with.

I leave my muni unlocked everywhere on campus. Ben PS leaves his 29er unlocked everywhere, as well. Hell, I don’t even bother bringing my muni up to my room anymore (3rd floor). I just leave it leaned against the wall next to the most used entrance to the dorm. I bring it up on weekend nights, since I don’t want drunk people riding it. But honestly, I’ve been leaving it unlocked around campus for nearly a semester now. I even forgot about it and accidentally left it unlocked in the bike rack outside of the dining hall over thanksgiving break. I have yet to see my unicycle even touched by a stranger.

Then again, this is a small school, and people are pretty good about respecting eachothers’ property. I’ve left my computer unattended in lounges for up to a half-hour without any problems.

when i bring my unis to school i lock them up because i don’t even like them getting scratched…

I always bring my uni in with me or if they won’t let me lock it up w/ a small retractable cable lock. If someone really wanted to steel it, it wouldn’t be hard, but they couldn’t just pick it up and walk away. Soon I will get a better, and heavier:( cable lock.

If you keep that up somethings going to wind up missing.

Okay, so I am not in college anymore… but I will tell you a story.

A number of years ago, I went back to school and was in fact a couple of years older then than the usual student. I had an all-steel rigid hardtail mountain bike with me. I had three roommates at the time, so keeping the bike inside the rooms was not really an option. I had my bike locked up outside, but at one point I came out to find that someone had stolen the bar-ends. Now this was not during the current decade, and there was certainly not a widespread mountain bike community at the time, but someone had made it a point to come up to my bike right outside of the dorm with an allen wrench and make off with the bar-ends and I forget what else.

The fact is that if you leave anything sitting there unsecured someone will walk off with it at some point. I was not at a huge public campus. Bikes and other items are stolen at alarming rates on college campuses, so I would just suggest that you do your best to discourage it. Like someone said above, the stuff might likely be tossed out by the person soon after, but you might be surprised at the degree to which such things happen. Add into the mixture the kid away on his own for the first time, alcohol induced weirdness, etc. and your uni will be grabbed sooner or later.

I just never let go of mine, it even sleeps with me, well that is when my g/f is gone but even then its hard to choose :D. Nah but you should lock it up, the most common reason people steal unicycles is that they usually find them very “unique” something fun to try, but they dont know where to get one themselves…

There’s my story.

Ohh man that sux, the pic there looks like a dedicated memory :’(

My friend Beth had her KOXX freestyle nicked from a bike rack in town, even tho it was chained up. Was one of only two in the country at the time but it was never found again.

Aye ive had my Koxx Devil stolen outside Tescos where I live and yep I got it back after a week it had been dumped round the back of a church and my mates found it.
I now lock it up if I leave it and I suggest you do the same.


dude threeway w/ the uni
hmmmmm :roll_eyes:

i always leave my uni locked and in a place where it isnt obvious ( i spelt it right)

I’ve had four unicycles stolen over the years:

  1. 24" Miyata, 1983. It was inside my car. They took the car. Unrecovered.
  2. 2 MUnis, 2000. Stolen out of my car, parked in front of the house. Recovered because the genius thief brought them both to a local bike shop, asking to have the (splined) cranks removed from the DM. He had to give the shop his name and address to get the service done. They had previously gotten a call from me to be on the lookout for “unusual” unicycles. That was easier to do then than it is now, but it worked. I got to see the kid get arrested in front of the bike shop (possession of stolen property).
  3. One-of-a-kind 24" racing unicycle, 2000. Stolen from the grandstand at Unicon X in Beijing, China. I actually met the thief, as she was carrying my other unicycle down. I didn’t realize she was a thief at the time, I just thought she was helping bring everything down as we were done racing for the day. But the other unicycle was already gone. Unrecovered.

People steal stuff. How much of a problem this is depends very much on where you are. I’m very impressed with Bevan’s luck so far in San Francisco! It’s a sad fact, but if you leave stuff lying around long enough, in this country, eventually it’s going to disappear or be destroyed. In Japan, I’d feel pretty safe leaving valuables lying around. Not so in China!

There is a saying that goes" Locking something up is only helping to keep Honest People honest." and that is all it does. If they want to steal it they are going to find a way to steal it. If it is locked up they have to think first and then take the chance of getting caught.
I have been lucky so far, none stolen. Then again if I go anywhere I locked my Uni´s up. Just for the love to them…:smiley:

Bevan’s actually in Swarthmore, PA at a small college. Betcha can’t guess which one! :smiley:

I’ve had a few things stolen over the years in different incidents, usually in small, local settings … a bicycle, cash, and most notable a backpack with all of my exam materials (text books, notes, expensive calculator…) three days before finals began. The thieves were all caught, but my belongings were never recovered.

That last one was the final straw - I don’t trust my possessions left alone anywhere anymore.

Stolen Unicycles

I never lock up my unicycles. I don’t want the extra weight of carring a lock- what a hassle. I’ve had two unicycles stolen but I am not sure locking would have helped. I had a Wilder Lightrider 6160c which I spent about NZ$4000 on. I imported it myself from America shortly before came online. I had it for about a year and had upgraded the seat to a CF airseat with reeder handle. I left it in one of the common rooms in my flat instead of putting it in my room where I was sleeping, and I guess it was an opportunist thief that robbed our flat, while my flatmates were partying upstairs (front door unlocked). I foolishly didn’t have house and contents insurance- I probably couldn’t afford it anyway. I live in a relatively small community and I am quite well known so I expected it to turn up since I have thousands of eyes looking out for it for me- I put an article in a local paper about my loss and a lot of people read it. It never turned up, but I took it as a lesson in being detached from material possessions.

Another time, I got another article in the paper about unicycling, and the journalist student Greg Wynn who wrote it was interested in trying to learn to ride. I loaned him my 24" unicycle which had been rebuilt with the hub & cranks from my brother’s 20" unicycle, and it had a KH seat. One day I went around and swapped the KH seat that was on it for Ben’s KH seat that only had two bolts left. Greg left town and moved somewhere else- without leaving my unicycle or contacting me. I was glad I swapped seats with Ben first. Greg’s email (my only way of contacting him) expired cos he stopped being a student, but about a year later I got some stupid email from him inviting me to sign up to a SMS community thing. I signed up but couldn’t track him down through the site. Greg- if you read this email me properly you idiot! My email is still the same.

When I go shopping I usually take my unicycle inside and leave it near the door- out of people’s way but in clear view to deter thieves. Since unicycling is becoming much more popular now, I might have to leave it outside in the future cos shops won’t tolerate big stacks of unicycles cluttering up thier doorways.

Today as my unicycle club rode in the Festival of the Whales Parade in Dana Point I left an extra unicycle I had in the front driver’s seat and in the rush to get all 19 of my riders where they had to be, forgot to lock the door and when I came back the uni was gone. Someone stole it right out of my car and sitting next to my car was a skateboard. I guess the thief decided to trade in their four wheels for my one.