STOLEN: Orange Nimbus 24" Muni in Southern California

Hi friends. I regret to tell you that my car was stolen yesterday with my unicycle in it. Honestly it was a crappy car so I don’t care about it that much but the unicycle meant a lot to me. I would really appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for anything matching its description. It’s an orange Nimbus 24 inch muni with black rim and venture cranks. It has an Intense DH tire on it and “AGENT ORANGE” painted in black down each side of the frame and a black and orange saddle. It’s the “burnt orange” model from I believe 2008. I’m going to try to find a good picture of it but I doubt I will because I recently lost most of the pictures on my phone. It was stolen from Corona, California but it could wind up anywhere in the region. If by chance you might see it on online or in an ad I would love it it if you could let me know. It has more sentimental value than physical value to me.
Thanks everyone!

-Joe, the unicycle-less unicyclist

Edit: best way to reach me is by email, joesowul(at)gmail(dot)com

That really sucks mate.

I generally have at least two of my unicycles in the boot of my car, and I would feel exactly the same. My unicycles are far more important to me than my car. I hope you find it.

That totally sucks! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Sorry to hear Joe. I will definitely keep my eyes open. Hope both the one wheeler and four wheeler are found.

I suggest you check all the pawn shops within a 2 mile radius. Thieves usually want quick cash for drugs, and pawn shops give quick cash. Check CL too.

Yeah, my experience with having things stolen is that the thief is nearly always much more local than you’d expect, and his getaway trip isn’t nearly as long as you’d want it to be if you were in his shoes. Your uni might still be inside your car. To most people it is a pretty useless thing, though I suppose it could be traded pretty easily for a hit or two of crack.

I’m no crime expert, but I heard somewhere that stolen cars are almost always recovered. My car was stolen and then towed the next day because the thieves had parked it illegally, but I wasn’t notified until after it had sat in a parking lot at the tow pound for two months with the windows rolled down. Someone had left some clothing in it- a pair of jeans, I think. Anyway, if you have time, the local tow pound might be a place to inquire.

Sorry to hear that but hopefully the cops will recover it! Way back in the late 90’s, my toyota truck was stolen on TWO separate occasions from my apartment complex, (in Vegas) and both times found intact. Btw, I haven’t heard from you in years, and didn’t know if yo were still unicycling.

thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.I’ve been checking Craigslist and ebay a few times a day and I’ve made calls to a few local pawn shops but I’ll be going to more soon. my best bet now is to just wait for a call from the cops if they find it and hopefully my uni will still be in the car. hopefully the person who took it just wanted a joyride. I’ve already made two call the sheriffs since the night of the incident and said they would know immediately if makes it to a tow yard so I don’t need to call them any more. If they hear about it they’ll call me. I guess they have a system set up for that.

Hey Terry! I haven’t really kept in touch with the unicycling world but I still ride occasionally. I went to the CMW dinner and awards ceremony a few weeks ago and saw a lot of familiar faces and got to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in about 5 years. I was planning on riding at CMW but plans changed when I was in a bad motocross crash on Labor Day. So right now I’m recovering from a broken wrist and a shoulder injury but after I heal up I’m hoping to get back into this sport more. How’ve you been?

A second on calling pawn shops and bike shops. Not sure where else a stolen uni might end up, but it would only find its way to either of those if the thief/thieves attempted to monetize the thing.

When two unicycles were stolen from my car in 2000, they turned up at the nearest bike shop to my house. Thief had brought them in to see if they could get the (splined) cranks off my DM ATU.

In 1983 I also had my car stolen, with one of my very first unicycles in it. Neither was ever seen again. I hope your luck will be better!

scary world out there and some relentless people too…
THEY COULD HAVE LEFT THE UNI BEHIND specially if they only wanted the car!!!

My Unis that spend most their rest time in my car are worth in dollar value more than my car by far. They are more reliable even

I would give my car away to anyone i see stealing someones Uni!

If the car hasnt been found yet bit of luck its not been burnt out. A
lot here get that treatment to cover up any evidence…

Chances are also the ‘persons’ who took your car are either local or distant obviously. If it hasnt shown up yet my bet its out of your area so its going to be a long painful process. You will have to wait it out. Someone will sell it on eventually then it will pop up and one of us will see it advertised.

Its hard here getting stolen goods back even with police co operation. If i were in your situation and you find it for sale privately i would just buy it. Sadly

All the best Joe, Dont give up. Follow any leads. Check any places that you think of that ‘it could be there…’
Your Uni probably was collateral im hoping and it will turn up soon in the same condition you last used it.

Most people dont want a uni. Orange will be your savior in its surfacing shortly
Good luck and so sorry to hear this has happend

It’s back! Riverside Sheriffs found my car yesterday with everything still in it, including my unicycle! After paying a ridiculously high towing fee, Agent Orange is safely back at home :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for any help and effort, even if you were just aware of it and keeping an eye out. I’m just happy I have everything back.

And the car is going straight to a Pick-A-Part to get sold and dismantled. I’m tired of the headaches it has caused.

Wow. Lucky!

I’m really glad to read that this story has a happy ending! I couldn’t be happier for you :slight_smile:

Wow. Cool! Glad to hear it.


Now you know who the real thieves are. :roll_eyes:

Ha ha! Yes.

Oh well, I posted almost a month ago on this thread “check your local tow pound.” Sorry you had to pay a fine. When my car got stolen, the towing fee was waived because I wasn’t the one who had parked it illegally, but that was many years ago, and our belts have been tightened a few times since then.

:slight_smile: A Happy Ending ! :slight_smile:
That’s Great news :slight_smile:

Awesome! Now you can join us for future muni rides. :slight_smile:

He can’t, he sold the car! :smiley:

But hey, well done on that recovery!