Stolen Nimbus 29" - Esher, Surrey. UK

An opportunist thief acquired the following on the evening of the 27th of August 2007:

Nimbus 29" with:
blue 29" rim
nanoraptor tire
KH seatpost
T7 handle with only one grip & a crash-damaged incredibell bar-end bell on the other handle, silver blackburn bottle cage
black bicycle euro 150mm cranks
red low profile KH-style saddle

It’s a quiet road and was outside the house for a short time so very unlucky.
Please let me know if you notice anything in person, online, etc…



that really sucks, hopefully u’ll get it back.

Bastards! What the fuck is thieving scum going to do with a unicycle? They are far to stupid to be able to ride one!

I hope it turns up!

that sucks. I had my 36" nimbus (about $1,000 into it) stolen a month before a big tour and had to buy a new one so I know how that feels…I hope you hear something of it or get it back. This is the 4th unicycle theft I’ve heard about in like 4 months including mine :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open in case anything similar turns up in London or Nottingham.

I’m sure you’ve alredy got the ball rolling, but it’s worth popping in to all the LBS and Cash Converters, as the dodgy ba$tard will probably want to get shot of it asap.


That’s so peculiar (and awful). Sorry to hear your news, Mike.

I mentioned years ago (in this forum) that I’d finally had a uni stolen – just after moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It was ironic in that this new nabe was supposed to be safer than the one we’d left. Happily the loss was just a cheapo Torker.

I’ve always left unis outside while shopping, even, on occasion, my guni. But that one cost about $1,500, so I will generally take it inside if I’m not totally comfortable about the surroundings.

The UK police have a website where you can register lost property (not sure if you get a crime number though) and they email you when they get a possible match The officer said that it would, like most bikes, be dumped once finished with - which may be a lot quicker than a bike! Fingers crossed it was dumped somewhere visible, I doubt it floats very well with the handle. I guess I’ll have to get a KH29…

Also an amendment to the spec (I was swapping things around a lot that day) is a BLUE saddle and a cateye computer fitting, but no brake bits.

thanks folks!

That’s rough luck. I hope you find it.

(And it has nothing to do with my recently acquired N29, honest!)

Sorry to hear it. I always try and keep my unis with me and never like locking them up in fear that someone might think its funny to vandilise it because its different.

That really sucks, I live in Esher too actually, just in the smaller Hinchley Wood part of it. Which road are you on Mike? The main Esher houses are on really really quiet roads, so it really was seriously bad luck that some twat decided to steal something he can’t even use properly.

I am in school right now, (boarding), so i can’t be of much help, but I shall let my parents know next time i chat to them, so they can be on the lookout too.

i hope it finds its way back to you soon.

Good Luck.

that sooooooo sucks. I had my uni stolen I’m guessing some idiot saw it, thought it was cool took it and then realized they couldn’t ride it and then ditched it.