Stolen Koxx 1

Hey everyone,

My unicycle has been stolen, I thought it’d be worth posting here since
it’s quite distinctive. If anyone sees a Koxx 1 for sale on the
Internet or anywhere in the UK then please let me know, I don’t think
anyone else in the UK has bought one of these - have they Roger? It’s
got a white tyre, gold rim, silver and black seat - .

I cared about it very much and would be very grateful for any



Fuck thats fucked up. :astonished: Sorry for the rough languag but I’m angry in your place.
Man thats bummer :angry:

Damn beth, that sucks. I only rode it a couple of times but I loved that uni… I’ll let the local trials bike scene in oxford know its gone missing and since they’ll spot a koxx cheesehole rim a mile off (especially gold), it should widen the search area.


Poor you. Will keep a look out.


My first real uni was stolen when I was a kid. The thought still makes me sad.

Maybe it will turn up. Keep an eye on ebay, classified ads in the paper, schoolyards and skate parks! You wait a week so people can see the thief on it, then put posters up where punks would hang out.

Was it in like-new condition? It may have been stolen as a Christmas present, so eyes out after that time of year, too!

Good luck.

That’s bad news.

Couple of ideas:

Have you told the local newspaper. They may find enough humour in the idea of a thief riding off on a one wheeled bike to give the story some prominence. That could possibly generate some leads.

Depending on the circumstances of the theft, you may be covered on the household contents insurance.

By happy coincidence, I am a senior claims negotiator with a major household insurer with nearly 25 years’ experience of claims - which will be at your disposal if you need advice. PM me.

(One slight restriction to that: I would be limited in the assitance I could give you (assistance as opposed to advice) if by coincidence your household insurers are my employers.)


I have an addon to my house insurance which covers stuff that I carry about with me because I carry lots of stuff - pocket pc, camera, etc in my bag. It came in very handy in the great handbag robbery in the spring. However, my insurance specifies that it does not cover bicycles. I wonder if the same goes for unicycles?


The chances are that that particular section of your policy excludes cycles.

I would expect that a bicycle stolen from your shed or garage would be covered just the same as your lawn mower or power drill, under the main body of your policy.

Most policies have a different section (sometimes optional) that gives specific cover for cycles. This is a different section from the one covering handbags and personal valuables.

The wordingthat sometimes causes confusion is often there simply to make sure that you can only claim under one particular section for each type of item, as the risks they present are different. (No one ever rode off on a handbag left outside the newsagent’s; no one ever had their bicycle snatched from their hand on the escalator in John Lewis*.)

I’d expect the reference to be to “pedal cycles”. This wording would naturally include tricycles and tandems. I would normally argue that a unicycle is a “pedal cycle”.

On the other hand, if the policy excluded “pedal cycles”, I might at least try to grit my teeth and argue that a unicycle was a “toy” - but with no very lively hope of success!

*Tom, that’s John Lewis, the UK department store, not John Lewis the pianist with MJQ.:stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Stolen Koxx 1

Thanks for all the replies everyone. It makes the pain of such a sudden
and unexpected loss a bit more bearable.

It’s good to know there’s some other people in Oxford keeping an eye
out, thanks Lewis.

I think it is covered by our insurance. I’m not at home, so my parents
are checking it out for me, but it seems like it’s covered apparentely.
But thanks for the offer of advice Mike, if I run into any problems
then I’ll get in touch.

Going to spend tomorrow morning ringing all the local shops. If they do
try to sell it then I reckon it’ll surface, but it could just languish
in someone’s shed for years.


Don’t despair! Follow MikeFule’s advice and go to the local paper. I had my first unicycle stolen from a bar I’d stopped off at. After going to the local paper they did a full page article on it and the unicycle was subsequently returned to me by a couple of guys who’d found it in a bush presumably after the people who’d pinched it had realised they couldn’t ride it or (hopefully) after sustaining a big pedal bite.