Stolen giraffe, south Wales, UK

A local fella’s had his giraffe nicked.
If anyone spots one for sale in the south Wales area, give him a shout, yeah?
Contact info is on the link.

Effing thieves.

Especially thieves that steal unicycles. Like they’re going to resell it or something? Pah!

Hopefully it is like when my trials hitched a ride to the city without telling me where it was going. It got kicked out of the he was staying at and was waiting for me at the lake when I visited my friend there a few weeks later.

Huh, why would someone steal a giraffe?

may be some hungry lions :thinking:

I guess the metal is worth quite some money.

Hungry lions

Nice one jogi. I think the lions were hungry.


yes but I know how it feels, in 2008 my Koxx monster was stolen from my boat. at first I thought some drunken play arround with it and perhaps throw it into the water afterwards, even though it would float I nerver found it again…:frowning:

It beggars belief what some scroats will steal. shakes head I hope this guy gets his giraffe back, although I fear it will probably be at the bottom of the canal/river/sea. :astonished: