STOLEN - G29 and 36er

Came downstairs today to find my G29 and 36er stolen. The locks had been cut and the thieves left my 700c and piece of crud bike. Please can you guys keep an eye out…

Here are the parts lists for these unis:


KH street grey
t bar with cut animal grips
broken tipped avid speed dial
floating rotor 180 - black centre
22mm reinforced (knurled shit) seatpost
22.2 - 25.4 shim
impact single bolt seat post clamp
nimbus oracle frame - no stickers - housings shaved to fit schlumpf
KH spirit 125/150
shimano clipless pedals (cheap ones)
nimbus 42mm rim (old style with bubble text)
foss tube
Schwalbe hans dampf evo (not DH)


Qu-Ax one saddle
nimbus shadow bar, no back, bent up bar at front, stub bars backwards
aero bars with animal grips on
friction shifter + flexible bend guide for brake line
TRP spyre disk caliper
200mm floating rotor - green/goldish core
KH36 frame
nimbus 48h isis hub
KH spirit 114/137
shimano XT pedals
coker aluminium 48h rim - powder coat peeling in several places
coker non skid (coker tread) tyre

That sucks. Who steals unicycles?

If it were professional bike thieves they would likely swap parts before re-sale to make them less recognizable. I’m not sure that happens with unicycles :thinking: . If you know the serial number for the schlumpf posting it might increase your chances of getting it back.

Good luck.

Any idea of the schlumpf hub number?

Ah I see this was asked above…

The serial number for the schlumf is M 0601.

I’m already trawling the usual places to sell them off online. Ill pay the second hand bike shops a visit over the next few days.

SOCO came, dusted for prints and said there wasn’t much hope.

Given that the unicycles were taken whereas other unlocked bikes (shared garage) were not leads me to think that the thieves are either idiots or wanted the unicycles specifically.

Really sucks man… I hope you get them back

You should post info on Facebook: Unicycle Chat, (or I can do it for you) It has more views.
Show pictures if you have.

There is a unicycle trading post on facebook too. I could post in there for you, but pictures would definitely help

Thanks guys, would appreciate it if you could.

Unfortunately I dont have any photos of either unicycle in their current configuration.

The 36er has a coker non skid (coker tread) tyre which is all but non existent in the UK as well as a 48 spoke rim and KH frame. It has a shadow bar on the front only with aerobars mounted to the front of that.

The 29er looks like a schlumpfed oracle (no stickers attached) with a hans dampf and t bar. Disk rotor is present but calliper and cable removed to fit on the 36er

Both these unicycles have clipless pedals attached.

Umm, well the G29er’s just appeared for sale on Ebay…

Dave, I’ve sent you a PM in absence of having other contact details for you.

This must be yours …

perfectly fits your description

I wasn’t going to post it for fear of spooking the guy if he gets a million views, but I’ve got screenshots and details if it gets taken down.

Lol “collection only” perhaps the police can collect

eBay do have a process for revealing information to law enforcement agencies without the auction having to end so with any luck Dave will have it back before Christmas!

I hate thieves with every fibre of my being :angry: Hope you get them back, and the thief gets the book thrown at him.

Just have seen it on eBay, and I thought will let you know, had this feeling its something strange about it. Hope you will get it back.

Hi guys, yep its mine - thanks for letting me know as I had given up. Working on getting it back.

In further hilarious news:

’ i bough this thinking i could ride it ha big mistake’ - its still got clipless pedals on. I HOPE he tried to ride it…

And glad to discover this brand Chris Holmes! :smiley:

You reported it to the police, are they able to help?

Also, paranoid in me says we should erase those threads in case the seller visits here. He might be busy doing his ebay-siness -must be prolific with 100% satisfaction from so many buyers- but you never know…

Just curious, any movement on this? I notice the uni’s still up for sale on ebay. I just purchased a used Nimbus Gremlin and had it shipped by the previous owner; it was stolen, still in package, from my front porch yesterday. I filed a police report and will continue to keep an eye out on Craiglist and ebay, and perhaps local pawn shops. Worst and by far the most likely scenario, since it was shipped priority mail, it’s insured, so I anticipate being able to get reimbursed. Still, not sure what to do if I do find it online.

I feel the same. Based on the description in the add I don’t think this guy is too savvy, but you never really know.

Well today has been a bizarre day. After the auction completed I put a message out to try and reach the buyer. He has got in contact with me and returned the unicycle. Massive thanks to him. Still no news on the 36er.

Apologies as usual for potato photography but ITS BACK!