Stolen coker - Nottingham, UK

Dammit, I really have lost a wheel. Came out of work to find a broken lock where a unicycle should have been.

Nicked from outside biocity (near the bbc studios) today incase any of the nottingham posse happen to notice an abandoned coker.

It was only a little lock - I’ve never really thought that someone would put much effort into stealing a unicycle. I think I’ve even said as much on threads about locking up unicycles.


Bugger! That’s rubbish!

I hope whoever’s trying to ride it suffers a nasty accident - follow the trail of blood! :smiley:

Little b*stards. I’m very sorry to read that. Would you like to borrow mine until you’re mobile again?

Sorry to hear that John. I take it that it means you definitely won’t be making your way to Manchester this weekend now.

You’d think a unicycle would be one of the safest things to leave around as well - especially a Coker!

You’re not just saying this to help justify doing ‘Sleepless’ on two wheels are you?

If you’re still interested in coming to Manchester this weekend, then I do have a second spare Coker wheel all ready to go. We just need a frame, cranks, pedals, seat post and saddle. I’m sure you have everything bar the frame. Maybe Roger can help?

Let us know if you’re going for it.

Cheers Steve, but I think I’d be missing the manchester ride anyway. Graduation tomorrow, then drinking related entertainment with friends before they disappear off around the country to become sensible professional people.

Mike - thanks, but I’ve got enough wheeled contraptions to be going on with. Should probably get some two wheeled miles in before Sleepless. Time to break out tthe uber-lock though. That’ll be even better training - it doesn’t need to be a lock, it’d do the job just as an anchor.


I think that makes you teh 4th or 5th person in teh Uk to have a coker nicked. who’d have thought teh crim fraternity liked big wheel unis sooo much.

That is seriously bad news.

What do they do, are they stolen to order and shipped overseas? Or just resprayed and sold on? Should we be looking out for unusually coloured Cokers? I find it diffcult to believe anyone who steals a Coker is actually going to ride it.

Hope it turns up wet and bedraggled but none the worse for wear.

If you’re stuck for Sunday and Pete doesn’t make it then you can use my coker and I’ll use Pete’s Schlumpf.

You shouldn’t let a bit of twattery like this get in the way of a nice ride!

PM me for logistical purposes if you so desire.

I’ve had a uni pinched before now but got it back thanks to some help from the local paper. Don’t give up hope… Or at least not for a bit.

i think that 99.9999% of unicyclists would never steal someones uni, so i bet it was stolen by some guy just to be an ass.

i’d think it was stolen not because it was a unicycle, because it was chained up.

that is so sad i would be crying if i were you

Does Nottingham have a Cash Converters shop? If so there is a good chance it’ll end up there, those places are full of stolen goods…ahem…I mean legitimate second hand items. Always worth having a look in a week or so.

At CashConverters you have (as seller) a certyain amount of time to buy your goods back.
Within this amount of time you (as buyer) wont see it in the shops.
I say shops, as they use to distribute stuff all over the country, not just Nottingham.
It might be worth a report to them, but don’t aproach like:
“hey, your shops are full of stolen goods, have you seen my unicycle?”.

When my mountain bike was stolen a couple of years ago I was furious. In the first hour or two the first places I visited were the local CashConverter shops.
Turns out the silly tw*t who nicked it tried to sell it back to my LBS. My bike is a custom build and quite unique, and was recognised immediatley by the staff who had the presence of mind to stall the guy and call the cops.
I was extremely lucky to get it back.
Hope you have the same luck.
Keep looking around.

I know at cash converters over here if you walk in and tell them that your unicycle was stolen and you have a fear that someone might try and resell it and ask them to keep an eye out for it and leave your name and number then normaly if someone does try and bring it in they will give you and the police a call. I know a friend of mine had the same thing happen to his bike so he just went to every pawn shop in the area and gave them his number and sure enough he got it back. I would say it is also worth going to the police station and reporting it stolen as it isn’t just another bike so it would be very easy for them to find it.

That’s bad news John, if I got my hands on them… :angry:

As has been said keep an eye on the obvious places like ebay, admag etc. (I will as well) Also, if you haven’t done already then inform the police, well you never know they might do something.

Unfortunately it may well end up in the Trent :frowning:

I have reported it to the police, on the basis that it’s sufficiently bizarre to have more chance than a stolen bike.

My ride to work is along the canal, so I can check (and have already checked) there daily at least.

Friday evening, on the Bacon Slicer, I was riding along the river bank between Clifton Bridge and Beeston Weir, and the police helicopter went over, and I swear it stopped and hovered over me for a bit. I half expected an armed police ambush at Beeston Lock. I guess every copper in Nottingham knows there’s a missing unicycle.

Presumably the helicopter patrol noticed I was on a 700c rather than a Coker, and moved on to their next case.

I don’t konw if it’s available on your side of the pond, but I’ve got these on anything I want returned. It’s a service that has a plethora of different tags & labels and will reward ($10, but you can add to their $10) people for returning things. They have your address, phone and e-mail and notify you when something is found.

They claim a 75% return rate.