Stolen: Bath UK - Nimbus Oregon, KH26, KH24 Surly

Just getting the word out :cry:


So sorry to hear this. I will keep an eye and ear out. Keep an eye on the socials, eBay and gumtree.
I will put a post on a WhatsApp group I’m in as well.
Out of interest where these in your house or outbuildings?

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Thanks Kev!

Outside garden shed - I didn’t lock it as we’ve walls all around and I basically got complacent.

They won’t really be able to sell them I don’t think and probably just trash them :cry:

Thankfully they didn’t take BlueShift, Braus 36er or my triton - or the brand new Mad4One frame and saddle.

But still very gutting.

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Wow that’s crazy, I have heard of unicycles being stolen when left outside of shops etc but not from a back garden.
Personally I would try and bring it them all Indoors for a little while as they know what’s in the shed now and could be back again.

Put posts up on local selling sites around your area on Facebook etc.


I would keep an eye on all possible sales platforms for private individuals


So sorry for you! :cry: Hope you‘ll see those beauties again, one day.

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Sorry to hear this.
Hope you get them back.

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Sorry to hear about your losses, having had many bicycles and motorcycles stolen it’s an awful feeling.

Likewise I will keep ears and eyes peeled.

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