Stolen! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Today when I got home from school I relised both my lock up areas (i live in a set of apartments) were broken into. BOTH MY UNIS WERE STOLEN!! plus 4 decent bikes, ranging from $800 to $2000. There was also a $220 skateboard stolen, a tool box full of heaps of good bike parts and a couple of full face helmets and 2 sets of golf clubs. There was also an Advanti Corsa road bike frame missing with carbon fibre forks.

The unis were a 24" Nimbus II with Qu-Ax splined yellow hub and a yellow GP seat with red Primo super tenderizer pedals worth approx. $550. The other uni was a learner Shark Cemicycle with upgraded red Nimbus seat worth $150.

I’m gonna be looking out for them at my local second hand store and ebay as well. The police came over and they said they already had suspects because there had already been break ins at other apartments.

What I don’t get is why they left my bike (which was the best bike there) and a road bike (which was the worst bike there). They also left another tool box that probably had better stuff in it then the other tool box.

So im not gonna be uniing for a while which really really sucks big time! :angry:

Ouch, sorry to hear that. needs to have an option for LoJack on all thier unis.

wow bitch aye

Wow… that sucks really bad!


i also just found out they stole my xbox as well, because it was down there in a cuboard.

what was your xbox doing in a cupboard?

Btw that really sux about all your stuff.

it was broken so we didnt use it. we were also about to get a new xbox so i dont think that is too much of a loss.

but all those bikes and the golf clubs were worth quite a bit.

as it turns out my xbox is still there, just in a different place (wtf?). and one casket of wine is also gone(there were two).

That makes my stomach churn! They need to make safes for unis like they do guns… Oh, and what kind of skateboard did (:frowning: ) you have that was rather expensive like that?


Most of my skateboards have been at that price. Don’t forget where he lives where the dollar is different. But really like 80 for the deck (assume name brand not a blank), 50 for the trucks, 50 for wheels, 30 for bearings, 5 for hardware plus tax on all of that in Canadian that would be $247.25.

Sorry to hear. Being ripped off is no fun for sure.

aww man tht sucks ass so bad im a biker 2 and i got my bike stoln and it sucked so bad :angry:

dang, that sucks. thats the largest uni theft ive heard of in a while (maybe ever)

hope ya get your stuff back

Yeah, two weeks ago , someone broke into my garage, and stole my 500$ bmx bike… and my uni was right beside it, but they didnt touch it.

Get the police to look at logs of lugage that has been shipped/flyed out of the country You may find your unis/bikes.:slight_smile:

ya its the worst fealing evver good that they dident steel ur uni ahaha it brobly scherd them :slight_smile:

wow. I board in SD is about $130. $50 for trucks, $30 for bearings, $20-$50 for deck, $30 for wheels, $10 for griptape and hardware.

that’s miserable, i feel so bad

Yea, that seems right, 'specially in Canadian and Australian money. My skateboards cost about like that, too, because they’re niche/precision stuff like speedboards and slalom boards.

That is a terrible, Sorry for your loss.