Stolen 36inch Coker

Euan (of Cheech Miller [shop] & Hackney Freewheelers [unicycle hockey club]) has had his Coker 36 inch unicycle stolen.It is a standard coker it still has the original stickers on it ie; the big one ,the safety warning & the Coker sticker, it has a Chris Holm fusion freeride saddle & a Nimbus nightrider tyre on it.Please keep an eye out for it as he’d dearly like it back,anyone catching site of it can contact Euan at Cheech Miller on 020 8985 9900, or ring me on 07814 539524.
Cheers Luv 1Wheel

I am sorry to hear about the stolen Coker. Where in the world was it when it was stolen?

i would hate to have my coker stolen. It is like my baby Along with my KH20. They are twins. i love them lots. Sorry.

Hackney’s in London, England…
I hope he is as lucky as I was with my 29er…

what’s the story behind that?

I was very lucky!