Stolen 36er in San Diego :(

Have you seen my 36er? It was stolen 8 days ago.

It’s a nimbus with coker handle, air seat, airfoil rim and wheel TA tire.

That’s it in the photo below, except now it has white animal pedals and a little more rust/chipped paint :smiley:

I filed a police report and have been checking craigslist and ebay. Does anyone have any other suggestions to check out?


(cropped from someones’ very nice pic at CMW! Is it ironic that now I’m stealing photos?:o)

Damn that sucks Eric! :frowning: Maybe you could post a small reward in the local newspaper in your area. In fact, you can put me down for $25 to whoever might find it! Glad to help, and your quote just above your avatar inspired me! :slight_smile:

Maybe also print out that pic and make flyers to staple to trees, put them under car windshield wipers in parking lots, etc. Because it’s such an unusual item, it will be easy for people to spot! Make sure that you put your contact info clearly. Good luck I hope somebody spots it and calls you! :smiley:

Also maybe put a nimbus 36er ad pic that has a white background and is very easy to see in full side view.


just a suggestion…

Maybe you should put something in the Craigslist lost and found category asking if anyone has any information regarding it’s disappearance. Sorry to hear about this.

Dang, that sucks. Get the word out (with that pic) at all the local bike shops and if there are any local mountain and road bike forums online for the SD area, post there too.

Bikes get stolen frequently and bikers are generally very sympathetic to the situation.

nooo, eric! i think I heard this from Miles on the phone yesterday… I hope you get it back!

That blows, Eric. As though a thief if going to ride the thing. Hopefully it will surface once the knucklehead tries to fence it. It’s just a hunk of tin to a non-rider.


Put me down for “I’ll personally come whip the thief’s ass for you after you get your uni back.”

Stealing a uni is just low. What, he couldn’t pull off stealing a whole bike like a real crook??

a couple of well-placed posters worked for me, as my 29er had been taken by an opportunist and moved only a few hundred metres down the road…

In the UK, we have a chain of second hand shops called Cash Converters, which sells amongst other things second hand bikes. It is worth checking out places like that.


I believe these are called pawn shops here in the States.

That sucks man. You did the right thing with the police report and letting us know.

I have seen it happen before on this site where the community is able to get someone’s unicycle back to them after it was stolen.

A Nimbus with an airfoil is a rare enough item that you should have a decent chance of getting it back.

And definitely let the pawn shops know to look out for giant unicycles. They are generally quite helpful if you talk to them before the item shows up in their shop.

Damn, that really sucks. I hope it turns up soon. I couldn’t imagine that a unicyclist stole it, so the asshole that took it will quickly realize that he or she is too uncoordinated to tame the beast, and just might return it out of self-condemnation. Where was it when it got stolen?

Good advice. It would give the pawn shop owner a chance to perhaps clearly get a description of the person for police and also save him $ on a bad deal with stolen goods.

That is a royal bummer. Ditto what others have said - put the word out at all the local bike shops.

—Nathan (glad to help out with the photo :))

What an overwhelming response! You all are wonderful! Thanks very much for the advice; I will take all of it!!

It’s not the end of the world though, right? Life will go on… :smiley:

In the meantime, keep an eye out for me. Thanks!

F*cking cash convertors, I found one of my guitars there once. I’m convinced they’re almost as crooked as the crooks who sell them the stuff.

I hope you do find your uni, that really sucks!

In the USA, if you find it, call the cops and they’ll be arrested for possession of stolen property. Let them sort it out, who they got it from, with the cops.