Stolen 36 UK

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right forum to put this but some b*****rd stole my Nimbus 36 on Monday. I live in the Kingswinford area of the West Midlands so if anyone sees a 36 knocking around or for sale on dodgy Ebay or elsewhere please can you let me or the constabulary know…
many thanks

much sympathy.
my 1st coker 36er was nicked too, years ago from outside a pub. I hope they felloff and hurt themselves. good luck with getting it back.

I used to do some work for a company called Plastic Coatings Limited in Kingswinford. Sympathies on losing your uni and also on living in Kingswinford :frowning:

check on ebay for it in a few days try differnt searches like one wheel bike,mono bike,mono cycle or something like that becuase the theifs probaly dont no what its called,if you find it bid on the it then ask to pay cash on pickup,then when you go to pick it up get police:)

That sucks. Maybe a bit more description would help local folks recognize it, since Nimbuses (Nimbi?) have now been released in multiple colors and configurations. What color? T-7? What tyre? Any identifying marks, scars, stickers?

I had a uni I’d built myself stolen last January. The police told me if they saw anyone who wasn’t me trying to unicycle, they’d knock him down and beat him up.

I’m pretty sure they just hocked it in a dumpster or into a ditch somewhere. Most theives stupid enough to steal a unicycle are too stupid to know what to do with it afterwards.

here’s hoping they can recover such a distinct uni!

That’s bad news dude. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open in case it makes its way to the East Midlands. In the mean time, however, it’s probably worth your while to check out the local Cash Converters, pawn brokers, second hand shops and any dodgy bike shops. It’s almost certain that whoever nicked it won’t have a clue how to ride it so will want to get shot asap.

Best of luck.


When I had a uni stolen I called the local paper and as a result of the story someone offered me a unicycle they didn’t use any more and then I actually ended up getting my one back. Someone had found it in a bush not far from where it was stolen and they brought it back to me.

So try the local media. If it’s a slow enough news week they may well run your sad, unicycle-less clown story.

Where’s your other w… sorry, I’ll go hang my head in shame.

But you do have my sympathy.


Many thanks for the replies; I did the cash converter thing…they said they don’t take cycles…one told me frankly and off the record that if they did see it their boss would do nothing…he doesn’t want to bring in the police so he;d just say no to whoever brought it in and look the other way…i’ve been in touch with the papers, got a slot there (though they only did it because i said i was planning a lands end john o groats for charity next year)…so who knows…and i’ll do the ebay watching thing…in the mean time i say my prayers…though whether God will do what i ask to the b*****rds is another thing!
Enjoy your uni-ing