Stolen: 07 Kris Holm, Wisconsin

I found a pretty good deal on a unicycle on ebay and won the auction. The guy I was buying it from wasn’t feeling too well so didn’t ship right away. He emailed me tonight and said he was on his way to get a tuneup for that and his road bike when he stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom and someone cut the straps and stole both of them. I haven’t paid for it yet as he didn’t mind waiting until he was ready to ship it so I believe him. He said he filed a police report.

I don’t know how it works as far as getting it back but if anyone spots it I am hoping it shows up, that’s alot of money too lose for him (including the bike,) and I really did want it. It’s the Kris Holm blue 24" with a Magura brake that is cracked where it attatches and an all black Kris Holm seat. It’s also got a red Profile Poznator hub with black 170mm cranks and red pedals. I would wonder how someone plans to get rid of that, probably sell it on a corner for like $50 :\

Ouch, I hope he’s telling the truth. I had my nimbus/kh muni stolen, but in Chicago the chances of getting it back are slim and none.

I’m pretty sure he’s sincere, I won the auction for $450 so I don’t think he would have got any more from somewhere else and his story was believable and detailed. And no reason to go into detail if not telling the truth. The auction was also to include some miscellaneous uni stuff to the lucky winner and he also offered to send that stuff for free for my trouble.

Anyway, I didn’t think people would steal something that uncommon and useless to the average person. This was near Milwauke so it might be long gone too but ya never know unless they sell it at something low key like a garage sale, I’m hoping it pops up on ebay or craigslist or something. It was in West Alis. Like I mentioned I’m not out any money but feel bad for the guy and it did look like a sweet ride.

People, especially ones addicted to drugs, will steal anything if they think they’ll be able to sell it. I had someone take a bike off my porch, with no tires, and ride it about a block away. I’ve had people take scrap metal out of my yard.

My friends uncle bought a 1200 dollar computer for 150, and a brand new wii for 50. They honestly do not care a damn what it is, if it looks nice, or just looks pawnable and there is the chanse to take it it’s gone.

I’m sure you already looked but there are two KH 24s on ebay at the moment. Well one KH and one I believe, someone who is more knowledgable can explain better I think it is the black 2004 Norco KH signature(not great), or the Summit KH04 copy. I am sketchy on all the history of the black one, I think there was litigation surrounding it (if it’s the Summit name on it with KH), but the blue KH is in almost brand new condition, looks amazing and is only a few dollars more than your winning bid on the stolen one one. The black one is advertised and might be an early version of KH but keep in mind it isn’t going to have the cranks, etc that the stolen one you purchased had. Anyway just thought I’d point out the listings in case you haven’t seen them…
Blue KH 24" [cgi_ebay_com]
Black KH 24" [cgi_ebay_com]

Your so right, I am a paralegal and one of our clients (recently released from jail) who we represented on an older personal injury case stole my cell phone, my cell phone was obselete and not worth more than probably $20.00right off my desk. We caught him after he sold it downtown to some guy, but as your point said they will steal anything and sell it.

Looks like I missed out on the blue one, keeping an eye on the black one maybe. I’ll have to try and see what the deal with it is. My original goal was to stay under $300 or so but with the profile hub (no clue if that matters to me,) and the Magura brake I decided to spend that. I could get a brand new one with no brake for $525 plus tax from a somewhat local bike shop (at least what their website says.)
Thanks for letting me know about the auctions though, I’m still learning to ride a cheap uni I got local but Kris Holm videos are what got me interested.

Guruni is not familiar with the Norco model but the Summit unicycles were 20-inch trials unicycles and were orange. The black unicycle has ankle biting nubs on the cranks so that would make it an early Kris Holm. Your 2004 date is probably very close. You are very wise.