Warning, this is a meaningless post…

Just remember, learning a new trick is always great, no matter what level you’re at. Today I was able to ride down a 4-6 inch vertical drop (curb) and keep going for the first time. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I did it 3 more times. I’m also learning to hop from both a standing and a riding start, but riding off after the hops is still tricky. I’m getting better at idling, which seems to be the most difficult “trick” I’ve tried so far. I’ve done as many as 11 rocks on occasion, but normally I only get 5-8 rocks (counting the “back and forth” motion as 1 rock). I’ve nearly “mastered” free mounting with either foot and tight figure eight turns, too.

Anyway, since I don’t know anybody else that Unicycles in my area, figured I would post here amongst people who can relate to the small successes in life. It’s been 9 months since I learned to ride and I haven’t gone back to a 2-wheeler yet!

Great Job! I know the feeling.

I remember when I was first learning, riding along a fence barely able to do one or two revolutions of the wheel. There was a guy watching me, he said “I bet in a while you’ll be riding all over this place like it’s nothing.” At the time it felt utterly impossible and I couldn’t even imagine it. Now when I’m out riding all over the place like it’s nothing, I think of that guy all the time, it always brings a smile to my face. I never saw that guy again.

Not meaningless at all, well done.

I felt very proud when I managed my first kerb drop last week, and wanted to post on here, but all the threads celebrating achievement seem to have people doing 540s, one footed wheel walking or landing 3ft drops. We need a “beginners” achievement thread, where beginner isn’t defined as somebody who can only jump up one stair.

Congratulations on the progress!

This thread sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

No definitely not meaningless well done,:smiley: I’m at about the same stage, maybe not so good at idling. But understand the feeling of achievement even for the smallest advance it’s great!!!:):smiley:

Congrats! A great thing about unicycling is that there is always another trick outside your comfort zone to learn.

Yeah, its funny you should mention that. Before I learned how to ride, I always just thought about unicycling itself as “the trick” and then there was always the “juggling while unicycling” thing. However, after doing more research, I found out that learning to ride a UNI in a forward motion is only the beginning. It really is amazing what people are doing on UNI’s these days.

Congrats MadF, your doing incredible. Keep riding/practicing and you’ll be doing tons of tricks like it is nothing.

That is great. I love encouraging people… IMO, they make this earth a much better place.

That describes me to a “T”. I have been riding for 40 years, mostly alone and completely self-taught. Never did I imagine hopping, trials, Muni or any of the tricks. Backwards, figure 8’s and seat-out were my only tricks.

I distinctly remember the day I saw a fellow doing the idle, with ONE FOOT. He was sitting at a traffic light and I thought it was amazing. Started learning that trick that evening. Wow, where it has went from there.

Keep it up Bro, your doing great. Again, congrats on your new skills. :slight_smile: