Stoddard wells ridin

So my good friend UniGeezer called me to tell that he saw an amazing trials section off the freeway near where I live when he was on his way home from Vegas. Funny enough that I used to dirt bike out there before I was into unicycling and just forgot the area(Stoddard wells). Joeseph Campbell and myself went down there yesterday to check out some of the natural trials lines this area had to offer. We spent the entire day there again today, so you can imagine it struck our fancy. This area put the CMW natural trials course to an utter shame! There were lines from novice to hardcore advanced that neither myself or Joeseph could clean.
So basically im posting this to ask, who wants to ride!? I have grown tired of getting kicked out of every good riding spot and now have an amazing trials area, that honestly has FAR more lines than any other natural course I have been to. Im going to be attaching some files of the area to show just how much of a natural trials paradise it is. So I ask again, who is down to throw down on some amazing natural trials at stoddard wells of the 15 freeway near Victorville?

Videos are private

that fix it?

Man that looks like fun.
I’m coming up to ride there for sure now

Yup, that’s what I remember seeing and it’s just as awesome as I remember! Like we talked about a couple days ago, I plan to drive out there this weekend to ride ALL DAY WOOT! :sunglasses: Dayum! I’m gonna be like a kid in a candy store and can’t wait! Looks like you could spend the WHOLE day there and never have to ride the same line twice! :slight_smile:


Hay Terry, I now have to work Saturday from 230-330, but if you can make it friday I have the entire day off.

I gotta work Friday plus I would NOT want to be on the 405 on FRIDAY! :astonished: I think probably Sunday but maybe Saturday too, but I coukld get there like 8am so you could ride for hours before you had to go to work. But you only work for ONE hour in the middle of the day? That sucks. :frowning:

Hm, might be purty down. Sunday I get off work at 1:30 and could be there by 2:00

Well that would be fine. I’d get there way earlier to warm up and get a feel for it, plus, it gets dark at around 4:45 so that wouldn’t give you a ton of time, but hey, almost 3 hours isn’t bad. :smiley:

Awesome clips btw! Cody: “King of the monster drops!” :sunglasses:

Lol thanks, the clip really didnt do a justice to the danger aspect. The unicyce leaning on the wall was actually hanging and that was a verticle cliff face…

Jee… thanks.


More importantly, how far away is that place from my house?

At least 145 miles .

I did the same thing as you. Before I was in to unicycling, I used to dirt bike there all the time! It was really fun, but the MUni there would be way to easy. I think the trails were only good at +25 mph. I had forgotten about all those rocks, but I recognize them from the videos. I did a bit of challenging rock climbing in that spot a few years ago, and even found a nice pair of Oakley goggles right where you were riding. I’d love to try some natural trials there, but this weekend would be bad if it keeps raining like this.

Were you near Bell Mountain?

Rain cycle ends today and it will be clear skies Thurs-Sunday, so no problems weather-wise. It will be kinda cold though, with temps topping out around 48 degrees F. But I generally prefer cool weather since I get warm when I ride. Sääennuste ja sääolosuhteet alueelle Helsinki, Uudenmaan maakunta - The Weather Channel |

ya this place is sick for sure!!!
lets ride guys.
who is thinking unofficial trials event here? i am.

Great idea! We should do something. I’d be more than happy to help set up an event.

Great! You can be in charge of moving the rocks around!:stuck_out_tongue:

I talked with Cody earlier today and he can’t ride this Sunday due to work conflict, and I can’t ride Saturday for the same reason. I will likely go there this Sunday at least to check it out and get some practice riding in. :slight_smile:

He also suggested that we try to plan a group ride there (at Stoddard Wells) after the holidays, like around Jan/Feb. The I-15 was closed in that area as recently as yesterday due to extreme weather and SNOW!

Ohh yeah fo sho sho, Like we were talkin about at the wells, a bi annual unoficial trials comp would be great, open to uni and bike.