Stock KH seatpost breakage.

I’ve broken my KH seatpost three times now. It seems I need something much stronger.

Any ideas, product reviews?



Which KH seatpost? The nonadjustable one on the trials uni or the adjustable bicycle style seatpost that is on the muni?

The stock ones that come on the KH trials unis.

yah there realy bad try a non alu post it will last much longer

thompson with a kh rail adapter. you’ll never need another post.

the cf base with rails built in would be better…but expensive :frowning:

get a thomson definantly, and if u can afford it get the derail CF base from Scott Wallis.

get the pink thomson! :stuck_out_tongue:

the pink one looks purdy!

Most all the Santa Barbara guys (who are exceedingly hard on gear) are on KH 24s (about half run Profile cranks) and the general concensus is that the stock rig is bomber from the frame down. Everything above is basically tin, and will eventually bust.

For hard riding, get a Salsa quick release, swap out the seat post with a Thompson, and go with a CB seat frame and some kind of metal handle, or better yet, ditch the rail adapter (needless gear) and go with a Scott Wallis CB seat/handle rig. That later is expensive, but basically bust proof–and also cheaper over the long haul cause you’ll bust everything else four times over. That pushes the overall price to around $800–cheap in terms of what DH mountain bikes go for, but still a wad for a kid to get hold of.

Lastly, I think that the price of even the most tricked out Muni is very reasonably priced. When you run into MBikers on downhill single tracks, their typical bike runs about three grand and the cheapest you’ll likely ever see is at least a grand.



That has more to do with the profile of the participants than the needs of the sport. On the Slickrock practice loop I saw a girl on a department store Huffy with streamers and spoke beads.

But obviously, all else being equal a unicycle should be cheaper than a bike.