Stock coker spokes

What gage are the stock coker spokes? Are they bigger than the Tom Miller 14g coker spokes? Thanks.

12 guage

Re: Stock coker spokes

I’ve not weighed them- but they are significantly lighter than the stock Coker spokes (?about 200g lighter/wheel). And the Tommy Miller SS spokes also are far more corrosion resistant. They’re well worth the upgrade.


I think Gus weighed the differance at close to two pounds. A Significant differance in rotating weight.

Doesn’t quite sound right- the stock Coker spokes (x36) weigh 600g. I would estimate that the Tommy Miller spokes weigh about 200g less- so probably only like half a pound of difference at the most.

Yeah, sorry. Spokes alone was one pound, switching spokes and to an airfoil rim saved two.

I don’t remember the weight exactly of the Tom Miller 14ga spokes either. But I think the ratio of the weights is appox (0.08^2)/(0.105^2) = 58%. At least that’s what I have in my notes from a talk with Tom Miller. You save 42% of the weight of the stock spokes but are more corrosion resistant and can tighten them more etc. Good stuff for sure.


Coker spokes

I have a airfoil rim with the UDC extrawide hub and the stock coker spokes. Can I update to the Tommy Miller spokes without buying a new hub?

To do the upgrade you need the spokes from Tom Miller and the special nipples from Semcycle. YES you can upgrade. I recommend giving Tom Miller a call and he’ll set you up. His phone number is listed here: