stinky DX mods

replacing the rim on a dx, to a Alex DX32, after that would it be possible to transfer over a Kris Holm hub crank and bearing set? what kind of modifications would have to be done? would the bearings that come on the kris holm fit the torker dx 2005 frame?

what kind of frame would be able to use this: and still be a reasonable price? and also still fit the torker dx seat post.

this one click me I would get a 26in, because with a Gazz, you might run into clearance issues with a 24in.

see that wont work, we were going to do a nimbus frame, but what about KH wheelset has 42mm bearings, that only has (as well as most others) only have 40mm housings.

Since the DX hub is pretty descent, I think you should just buy a DX32 or KH freeride rim and get it laced on to the DX hub with a 3" tire on it, Since you have the 05 it will have clearance for a 3" tire. I think that is the most cost efficient way to go .If you get the KH wheelset you will need a KH frame, or your bearings will probably end up getting ruined.

Get a KH 24. You will be happy a never need another Muni or upgrades.

but i still question the strength of it all. compared to the kh wheelset anyways.

so yoru suggesting, just buy the dx 32 and put it on there?

when they say 3" tire do tthey mean width or height? i know i can fit my hand above the tire and between the frame, but when i mesure the width between teh forks its about 3"s or a little under.

or should i jsut get like a 2.6 or 2.7 tire to be safe since it’d need a tire anyways.

The 2005 24" Torker DX frame will fit a Gazz. A Gazz on a DX32 rim is not 3" wide. It’s more like 2.7 something.

The problem you’ll have with the DX hub is that it’s 48 spokes. The 24" DX32 rim comes in 32 hole and 36 hole flavors. You’re going to have to look around to find a wide 24" downhill rim that’s drilled for 48 spokes.

The Halo Combat rim is available with 48 spoke holes. But I’ve never seen that rim in the US. It would probably be hard to get over here.

The Torker frame takes a 40mm OD bearing. The KH hub takes a 42mm OD bearing. You aren’t going to be able to fit the KH hub in the Torker frame unless you can find a magic custom bearing.

Your best bet is to just stick with the DX hub and find a 48 spoke DH rim.

i got ya, i knew the bearing thing wouldnt work thats why i was looking into a new frame.

would the kenda k-rad fit onto the alex dx-32?

I assume you’re looking at the 24"x2.3" wide version of the Kenda K-Rad. That should work. You probably don’t want to go narrower than a 2.3 tire on the DX32 rim.

I’m still trying to figure out how you plan on putting the DX32 rim on the 48 spoke Torker DX hub?

yep, and the 40x20mm bearing that come on the T-DX’s is pretty much impossible to find.

that being said, if i had to mount KH 42mm bearings on a T-DX frame i know i could do it. it would take a little fileing on the holders but 1mm on each side isnt much and its a cheap frame so doing it wouldnt be bastardizing it. i think a demel with a stone wheel would do it in a half hour.

by skipping every fourth spoke i guess, im going to have a wheel builder do it.

for the Alex dx32 it states “Recommended for wide tires (2.6- to 3.0-inch wide).” this is only for 2.3 are you SURE this will fit? if it doesnt fit id probably just buy a kenda kollosal or something, since theyre 5 dollars anyways. but i cant get one here because theres not a supplier around, closest is georgia.

anybody wanna send me one? ill pay full for it and a little extra.

Did you find a wheel builder willing to do it and does the wheel builder know you’re planning on putting a 36 hole rim on a 48 hole hub? It would make for a more difficult wheel build. It would require a mix of spoke lengths. I don’t know if there’d be other issues in the build or not.

Magic custom bearing almost

I am building up a uni with a new KH hub going into a 40mm frame. I machined “shells” to fit over a 20 x 37 x 9 bearing to make it 20 x 40 x 12mm. I also make a spacer for the inner race to even that up. It looks like it will work pefectly, and I don’t anticipate any problems from the smaller bearings. I will sell these adapters if there is interest. I anticipate a price of around $20 for the adapters, and the bearings will be about $10 to $12 each if I buy them in quantity. So, it will be a $40 or more conversion. This is all very preliminary but I thought I would mention it while this discussion was going on. I will post a new thread about it after it is tested and I have better price info.



Nice idea Scott, and for offering your ‘service’ to us.

no i dont know yet, hes a very good wheel builder and only does that for a living, so i think he can do it, if he doesnt, ill put it together and he can true it

I am looking to do the same thing with a trials rim and a DX hub if I can’t get a 48 hole Qu-ax rim. I found a picture where someone used a 32 hole rim and a 48 hole hub and by skiping every third hole between the spoke crosses the spokes are all the same length. And the differance in strength between a 32 and 36 spoke wheel is probable insignificant. I don’t remember what thread I found it on, when I did another search I couldn’t find it.

so your saying, with those adapters and bearings, you can make the KH setup fit the dx frame?