I have done what is called an “elevator feed” with Dave Ward (of the net) and
Robert Bowes, a local juggler. In an elevator feed, one person stands on
another’s shoulders, precariously balanced, and another person facing them feeds
both in an up-down-up-down fashion. It’s somewhat harder to feed than might be
expected, as the distance and strength of the throws are significantly
different. I don’t really know how it looked from a longer perspective, but from
my vantage as the feeder, it looked pretty neat.

Another variation on this, I think done by Dave and Robert, and also done by
Scott Burton & Brian Wendling (aka “Bob the Incredible Juggler”) at the IJA
nationals some years back (Akron?) involved a simple two count, done between two
people, one standing on the other’s shoulders. That too is harder than one might
think – getting the down throw right seems to be harder than one might expect.