Stillstands possible with pedals vertical?

I’ve starting working on my stillstands and I recall a post from Kris Holm where he recommends learning stillstands with a variety of pedal orientations. Does this include stillstands with the pedals vertical? This position seems very awkward and I’m wondering if a still stand is feasible from this position. I don’t want to waste a lot of time practicing with a vertical pedal orientation if I don’t have any chance of achieving it.

Does anyone have experience doing stillstands with a vertical pedal position?

i can do thoes for 15-25sec

Make a video and post it to you tube. I’d like to see that done for 15 seconds.


will do when i go on break.

yeah, they’re possible. i’ve done one for about 45 seconds. they’re surprisingly easier than you’d think. i’d say one footed standstills are definitely harder. most of the control, on vert standstills, comes from the foot on the bottom pedal.

Dude, an 18 minute standstill??? Crazy…

I just went out and tried this, and it’s awkward! The unicycle wants to start idling! But I got it for like <5 seconds though :stuck_out_tongue:

I messed around with it and go a sloppy 7ish

That’s why they call it the dead spot. It’s the pedal position with the least control for unicycling. Still doable, but much more challenging. If you want to make it really hard, try using the top foot only! :slight_smile:

can i run clipless?

Why wouldn’t you?

Oh, maybe you don’t want to “cheat”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to practice my stillstands at four different possitions

  • dominant foot forward
  • dominant foot backward
  • dominant foot up
  • dominant foot down

By the way, I think you meant with the cranks in the vertical position. When I first read this post, I honestly pictured you guys turning the pedals 90 degrees and placing your feet on the skinny end of the pedal. :smiley:

Your right, I should have said vertical cranks. Still stands with the pedals vertical would be rather unstable.

This is exactly what I imagined and then it got even crazier when Knox said “Oh yeah, it’s possible.”