stillstands on non-trials unis

Been reading about stillstands in Kris’ book. Not much detail is given on weight distribution (legs v seat) etc, nor tips for larger wheels. Does anyone have any advice on stillstanding with a 24 inch wheel, 3 inch tire (muni)? The weight seems to make it much more of a challenge with regard to balance corrections.

I’ve been working on that since I got the book as well. From what I see on videos, it looks like you want to keep as much weight on your saddle as possible. The fact that you can do it (or should try doing it) in most pedal positions supports this fact. I’ve been working on it on my 24 with a big berm master tire.

I’ve been working on them for quite a while now. I got a 30 second one on my 29 inch uni a few days ago, but my average is much lower than that. I think it’s easier to correct if you put some weight on the pedals. I can’t react fast enough when I’m sitting all the way down on the seat.

The biggest issue that makes it harder for me is the rounder profile of the tire on my Muni, next most that the axle is higher reducing control slightly, and lastly that I’m higher up I chicken out if a UPD is sketchy where I’m at.

I find pulling out to the sides w/ my feet helps a bit.

Definitely some tension on the pedals is needed. It’s a compromise. I do my best stillstands when I’m as relaxed as possible. But you have to stay a little tense, at least in the pedal-working muscles, to maintain the constant attention to wheel position. Relaxing the whole upper body, while not flopping around, is what works for me.

I’ve been wondering whether it is better to have a higher seat level or a lower seat level to do stillstands?

On my biggest wheel, 29er, I get almost off the saddle with most of my weight on the pedals, and allow myself to role a little, or twist side to side if necessary. I can wait out most of a red light this way, with just a few correction hops between still-stands.