Still Stands....

I have been riding a unicycle for about a year and a half now, and I am pretty comfortable with hopping up and down things. I can hop both SIF and seat in, though seat in is more comfotable. Right now I am struggling with getting good height and control with both styles of hops, and I think getting better at still stands will help me with this.

I know this is kind of a basic skill, but are there any tips at all you can offer me as far as still stands go(both seat in and SIF)?


This is my first post… hi.

I’ve found that riding skinnies (rails,logs.railroad tracks, etc) helped with how long I can still stand, I’ve gotten like thirty seconds before.

A little like kerosian said, but I still stand on a skinnie, it forces me to stay always a little longer, because of the “danger” of falling.

I’ve done some pretty long still stands using this technic, about 2 minutes.

Hope it helps !


Thanks to both of you, I can’t wait to try this idea out tomorrow.

One more question though, are there any common things in a city area that I could use as a rather low skinny, to avoid falling from too great a height?

The back of a bench could be good, maybe a bit high, there’s often low rails a little every where in the city… if not…well I don’t know sorry…


I just set up a slackline in my backyard, and standing on it feels like the same motion as balancing in a standstill. Once I get better at slacklining, I may report in as to how it has affected my still stands.

Please do, because I have a friend who uses a slackline a lot, and I could use the same strategy you are.

Well I went out and practiced today, and didn’t make much progress.

However, every couple times I lost balance I’d try a 180 unispin mount. I ended up getting those pretty consistant, so I’m still content.

if you have any cubs that are by some grass sorta like This they make good starting skineys, because they are wide enough to give wiggle room when first learning but skinney enough to provide a challenge, that and they are low-risk when you fall

I’m jealous of you guys getting to slackline. I am probably going to buy the gear for it soon, but I don’t have anywhere nearby to do it because I live in a trailer park. I’ll have to drive somewhere and set it up for a while.
how long does it usually take to set up?

this video helps the video is about 3 minutes long but it probably takes a lot longer to set up maybe 10-15 minutes if it’s just you setting it up.

my advice is to use pavements. Ride on the edge of pavements, but force urself to think that if u go onto the pavement its like falling. I do that all the time now and i’;ve been getting much better at still standing. Even managed to hop 60cm from a scafolding pole :smiley:

Unicycling on the Slackline

I setup my slackline in about 4 minutes. I use a 3:1 setup. Just tonight I took off my wheel and tried to ride on it. It is pretty tough.

“Pavement” is the Brittish word for sidewalk :slight_smile:

Seat drops and curbs

yeah like everyone else said curbs are the best kind of practice for riding skinnys i ride them all the time and it helps still stands alot.I also found that if you can do seat drops theyre good for balance,i practice doing realy long seat drops and it really helps !

…i did a lot of slacklining…but i had to learn stillstand also, it’s way differant…sure it’s balance but not the same…

Yeah, your feet are moving most of the time as you are slacklining while your top mostly stays in the same place. It’s pretty much the opposite on a unicycle.

Still stands and long seat drops while watching TV/listening to the radio.

I ride curbs, but I started w/ cracks in the sidewalk and painted lines on the street/parking lots/playgrounds. Now I also try to ride all of the bumps dividing the lanes when there is no traffic (like 10+ pm or early weekend mornings)

Edit: if you have a balance board, like a Vew-Doo, staying sill w/ that and w/ one foot, I think would help. Construction tutorial

what is SIF

Seat In Front


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