Still stands are getting better - video

I’ve been working on my rail riding/still stand technique, and have been improving right along… and with my new camera, I can time myself now. I can almost always hit the 10 second mark, usually break 15 seconds, and maybe 1 in 20 hit 30 seconds.

I uploaded a video, if anyone is interested, or can give me any pointers… I think I’m on the right track, just need more practicing. I hope to break a minute this summer…

Video is HERE [divx encoded]

Any and all comments welcome, Dave

Nice work, much better then me at rails. Considering I can’t ride any sort of thing any less then 5 inches wide. It looks like we have close to the same unicycles. At least the same wheelset.

Darn its Divx encoded. won’t work with me for some reason/

Thanks dark… I ride a stock '04 KH trials… though I’m going to get a new tire soon, probably a Creep Crawler.

You can download the free divx codec here


Amazing stuff! Congratulations, that’s a real talent you’ve got there.

I wasn’t very impressed by the Creepy Crawler. It’s very sticky, but that’s all I like about it. The sidewalls fold too much…and it doesn’t fit nicely in my KH '04 frame…it hits the bottom of the crown (not so much that it makes riding difficult but it makes an annoying noise).