Still stand competitions?

I’ve heard of fun little still stand competitions at unicycle gatherings, but I’ve never heard of any official ones (Of course the official competitions such as at national events and Unicons would be for fun as are all the events). Am I mistaken? Have there been any official still stand competitions at any of the Unicons? I’m thinking of suggesting it as a competition at UniNats. I couldn’t find anything about them in the IUF Rulebook.


In a still stand competition how do you arrange for everyone to start at the same time? i.e. do they hold on to someone to begin, or get into it from hopping?
Also, does anyone know if there is a record for longest stillstand?

I would imagine an easier way to do it would be timing attempts seperately rather than doing them all at once. This way you could find a good starting position without having to synchronise it with anything else.

The longest stillstand I’ve seen was in Universe; the speeded-up bit of someone on a tiny railing…


Julian Monney told me he’d done 5 minutes - coming from someone who I’ve seen stillstand/coast for at least 25 secs that’s believable.

Leo White

at the Toque games in toronto there was a Still stand off for 1st place between Ryan Akins, Ben P-S, Joey (forgot your last name, but hella good rider and ben’s friend), and Kris holm

Kris won with a 1min 38 second still stand on a balancebeam. (I think that was the time)

5 min seems really long to me after seeing kris do the 1min 38 which seemed like forever while he was doing it. But I’m sure its possible with some pratice.


Clearly I have ben labouring under a misapprehension. I thought a still stand was that moment when you are able to stop on your unicycle and stand there without the wheel moving for about 3 seconds on a good day, then you ride off feeling smug.

This thing also called a ‘still stand’ but lasting up to 5 minutes must be something else. Is it perhaps an ironic name for sitting down on a railing for a rest, after a long ride?:wink:

Not many people have practiced more than Julian Monney.

Can anyone else coast still stand yet?
(Without injecting your bearings with Locktite!)


You don’t happen to have any photos of Julien and his coast still-standing do you?

Do you (plural) reckon still standing would make a good competition at UniNats?


Re: Still stand competitions?

Maybe a better competition would be a “fewest hops in x minutes” competition? That way someone would be able to make a dramatic comeback in the last minute rather than havin it so that a (capable) person happens to stuff up and put their foot down after 5 seconds and lose.

I’d say you’d need at least 2 minutes and any more than 5 minutes would be too boring.

What do you reckon?


One thing about still stand competitions is the advantage gained by wide rims and soft tires, which (I believe) give the rider more leverage on the ground. I’d think that somehow this factor would have to be handled to make a competition fair.

In Moab, we have this game called “Idling in a circle” (or at least, that is what it was called last year). The circle is made of string and is very small (not really large enough to do a proper idle). A contestant can start any time they want, and they go until a judge tells them that they touched the string with the tire. Maybe something like that would work.

For a skill like that, I think video would be more appropriate. :smiley:

And I’m assuming this means a stand-up coasting stillstand?

I can’t speak for UniNats, but in general the hard part about a stillstand competition would be defining what counts as a stillstand and when it’s broken. We have a similar problem with our Slow Race, in which the judging is fairly subjective. Get a lenient judge and you can ride a lot slower than with a strict judge. This makes for a competition that’s hard to really compare from one event (or judge) to another. It turns into a competitor watching the various judges and looking for the more lenient, or less-trained ones.

Doing a stillstand competition on a small object would probably be the way to go. Not just a beam, but a short little piece of a beam. A beam will keep a rider from twisting too much, but can still allow partial wheel rotation (which, we have learned from Slow racing, can’t be judged objectively). So how about a little beam with a mark on it. The competitor rides to the mark, and when they say they are ready, you remove the part of the beam before the mark. A little more complicated, but a little more objective also.

With something like that, I think a stillstand competition could work really well. A beam only would be a less formal compromise. Doing it on a simple flat surface would leave you all arguing over how much the rider is allowed to move.

That’s a good idea too. It’s called Idling in a Circle this year as well, but it really isn’t. It’s actually a slightly loose Stillstand competition. I watched Kris win it last year, and he was trying to be true to the name of the event by doing little micro-idles, even while he was basically stillstanding.

Marking the circle with a piece of rope limits how much space the tire has to move around. It also points toward using the smallest, hardest tire available. If I were driving down, I’d bring my 12" and do the competition standing up on it! :slight_smile:

Why not do the still stand comp on the end of a 4" X 4" beam or a 3" diameter stand. The stand could be a few inches off the ground or even higher for a better photo of the comp. If you move the tire too much, you would fall off… this would make it self judging for the movement of the tire. To do it this way, I would assume you would need to hold onto a nearby support to get steady and release to start. The support could be moved away after the still stand is started.

Timing could start when the rider let’s go of the support and end when the uni or any part of the body hits the floor.


Billham’s method looks even easier. Though the rider can’t roll into position, starting with a spotter or other support would allow them to get into position. After the support is removed, the rider can initiate the timing by saying “Go.”

Re: Re: Still stand competitions?

I really like the sound of that one. It would make a good game at juggling/unicycling competitions and be a bit more accessible than a pure stillstand competition.

didnt dustin kelm have like a 5-6 minute still stand?

How big is the rope circle (approx. diameter) in the “Idling in a Circle” competition? That sounds really fun to me.

Kris should be glad I’m not attending. :D–chirokid–

Small. It was only done once (soon to be twice), so I don’t know if anybody measured. The size of the circle combined with the width of the rope (3/4"?) made it basically not doable with a 26" fat tire. I think everyone who had any success was on a 20". I lasted about 5-10 seconds if I remember correctly.

You could place a coin on top of the wheel and see how long you could keep it there.
Of course this is only fair if everyone has the same kind of tire. Maybe everyone would have to compete on the same unicycle. With a quick release and a little time for each contestant to adjust the seat hight it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.