still stand and skinny help

Hey everyone,

I am improving well on my trials but I really lack in skinny riding and standing still.
I used the search for about 10 minutes and couldn’t find anything.

Heres the dealio:
When I ride a skinny, I tend to barrel through it. This usually causes me to fall to one side. How did you guys learn to ride skinny so slow. I’ve tried holding onto posts but nothing works.

I find myself doing unnecessary hops loads. I can’t seem to stay in one place. Is there any sort of training you guys to to prepare yourselves and better yourselves at standing still?

Practice still stands on both crank positions. You should be able to hold each side for 5+ seconds before you should try a handrail.

Another good way to become handrail-ready is to practice on a long 2x4 skinny side up. Try and go as slow as possible and maintain your balance.

Another important factor in skinny riding is being able to mount on a rail. This takes practice, so find something relatively near the ground.

Also gapping to a skinny and riding it, jumping up (depending on your skill level) and riding it out, etc are all important trials skills.

The more you do it, the better your control will become. Dedicate a little bit of time each practice and you should have it fairly quickly. Avoid trying to go fast: go slow and in control.

Why do you need to go slow? I can only ride skinny’s fast.

For longer, curving, or uphill skinnies particularly rounded ones or really small ones any side to side motion of your wheel will throw you off.

I too suffer from going too fast on skinnies, but its more a habbit thing. I can do them slowly I’m just so used to plowing through them that I havn’t taken the time to practice it.

Really all it takes to get better at either of these things is practice. I also find that natural trials helps alot at getting rid of stupid hops, because on some surfaces if you hop around you will loose your grip or balance.

I suck at skinnies…alot…for a while I dedicated all my time to practicing…I was practicing on a long piece of wood about 3’’ wide, and I was bad…so I’ve given up some. Jumping came a lot more natural. After half a year of riding I hit 80cm, but I’ve had trouble w/ skinnies. I thought to myself that if I just practiced more street and jumping I’d automatically get better…but I’m guessing that’s not gonna work…so I’ll probably start practicing more…I’ll try and set up a rail that might work

A steadied 2x4 skinny side up is very easy to make, and costs next to nothing. Any trials course should include this.

any suggestions to keep it up…cause I don’t really know

Buy two 2x4s, or find a scrap.

Cut the scrap 2x4s in 6-10" segments. Nail/screw each peice to the side of the long 2x4 until you have 3-4 layers on each side, both ends. Stable enough.

That’s what I use :slight_smile:

Man an architect or something…haha

thanks im going to try this, i suck at rails at the moment, i can mount on them bu canot ride them (see jamessd’s call out video)