still not cristmas

here we go:

Yet another awesome vid :smiley:

I am often amazed how you are able to get some of your shots. For example @3:32 what did you do so there were no footprints on the trail? Set the tripod, and hike up through the brush?

thanks! and yes it works exactly like that!

youtube didn’t take the other music, that’s why i uploaded it on vimeo, here is the youtube version:

Thanks for getting me psyched up for the impending snow! :slight_smile:

Before I knew muni existed, I could imagine racking my brain trying to figure out what left a single tire track on the snow covered trail. A unicycle? Nahhhh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Road High!
Awesome as always and as somebody wrote on vimeo… you still lack some equipment in your backpack. Or you just haven’t shown it yet :wink: