still no KH!!!

so its been alittle over a month now and still no KH 20 trials!!! they said it was on back order, so do ou thin kthis means i might be getting some new 06 changes??? either way they said i was shipped today so ill soon find out!!! im so excited, i havnt riden in a while due to me havin gto sell the ol nimbus to get up some money to get the KH!!!

where’d you order it from? if they shipped today it should be there by wed/thur. and yes you probably will get the 2006 model(its pretty sexy)

is there a new hub or cranks set of the 06??

yup that happend to my KH freeride when i ordered it. It was a month or more before i recieved it. But they said it was because i ordered it with the brake and that was the wait.


nope the hub and cranks youve got on yours are the same as he will have on his