Still more stupid uni tricks

An anonymous unic responding to my list of stuff to try:

> Wow. That’s a good list. You remember all that stuff at least as well as I do.
> I think you left out my favourite, though—ride FAST! :^)

Ah, yes! Also:

Slalom - anywhere that there is a row of pillars or posts! Do it as fast as
possible (you might want to start slow and work your way up - posts, unlike
people, don’t dodge when you fall over towards them).

Race bicyclists through the slalom - either side-by-side if there are two sets
of posts, or for time if there aren’t. Using the same set of posts
simultaneously is NOT recommended! Sort of like TIE-fighters chasing the
Millenium Falcon into the asteroid field - they try to go fast and catch up,
then WHAM! Solid object. (Of course, I’m really not sure why the Falcon seemed
to be more maneuverable than the TIEs…)

Get your shoelace wrapped around your axle while reaching into your backpack
with both hands. While this is probably not “fun” for most people, maybe there
are some masochists out there who’d get a real kick out of it. Any Mudders out
there who want to avoid taking their FroshChem/STEMS/StatMech final?