still learning the hard way

OK so I got a new (used) Coker at Thanksgiving, and am learning to mount and ride this big wheel. I keep it in my trunk and practice in my work parking lot most mornings. I am usually one of the first people in so the lot is empty, and there are no parking bumpers, perfect place to practice & learn. Well the last couple of days I’ve used my car as a little helper when mounting the Coker, and today in ~20°F wheather I lost balance and bumped the mirror (maybe a little hard) on the car and the mirror snapped right off. Needless to say this was just not the way I like to start my day. I did ride the Coker before work, as well as my 24", but a dim light has been cast upon my day, and I need to hope the Honda garage can get me a new mirror for my Saturday trip to pick up the Grandkids in South Carolina! How many times did my parents say don’t practice that in the driveway next to the cars? 50yo and still learning the hard way sometimes!

A Coker in a Honda trunk??? That’s like a fat chick in spandex.

well it is 4 door accord … my 24 also goes in there if I didn’t mind 24 pedals sticking through the 36’er spokes. Because I am concerned about the 36’er spokes I put the 24 in the back seat. 205 Dollars for a new mirror gulp, thats like half a new Muni setup! My Mothers words “Stop riding around the cars” are coming back to haunt me! LOL

Get a used one at a scrap yard and put it on yourself.

Look on the bright side. You’ve given us all a good laugh!

I always tell people to use a fence, a wall, or someone else’s car. :smiley:

I once drove from Michigan to New York and back in a Bug with 3 people, 3 24" unicycles, a 28" Ultimate Wheel and a pair of 2-wheel giraffes (one wheel on top of the other). Plus all our luggage. It was a bit crowded.