still have your learner uni

look at the title
as for me i dont because someone stole it :angry:
and it was a good trials:( R.I.P

i sold mine

yeah I still have mine, the frame is cracked in two places and the seat always comes loose but I still ride it around once in awhile.

Im Wondering Why People Hold On To There Learners Uni Is It Because Of Sentamental Value Or They Just Cant Sell It?

I still have mine but I turned it into a kangaroo unicycle and the seat horrible and covered in duct tape and a towel :roll_eyes:

I broke the frame, seat, flat spotted the rim and broke of a crank all from an 8 foot drop.

did you do a roll out because im guessing not

I just had my learners unicycle’s hub welded. It had been sitting for about 2 years, its now back in use.

Yeah, I’ve still got mine.
I should think so after only having it for two months!
BTW, can anyone help me identify what it is?
All I know is that it’s a 24" with a Viscount saddle.
I replaced the plastic pedals with Wellgos, but I’d really like to know about the frame.
The missus bought it off E-bay for £15.

(apologies for the slight thread-jack)

looks like a modifyed nimbus

Yea, the frame is totally b*ggerd there is a big gaping hole, from where i went down a 4foot drop, in the frame and the front part of the seat…fell off :slight_smile: (as in the whole front half:D ) …but i just turned took off the bad stuff and wala…an impossible wheel :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Well I did have mine, because it was unsellable. I had broken the frame and the rim and then it got burned in a house fire and was trashed because it was unrecognizable.


I Sold Mine…

I gave mine to my stepson to learn on. I hope he’ll pass it on to someone else. I think passing on your learner for learning is a good thing to do. Spread the love.

Nope- cos it wasn’t mine. nor was my 2nd uni the one I think of as my improvers uni. I was good at borrowing unis back in 1991. My 3rd uni I sold after 6 months when I bought my 4th, which I still have. Pauls 1st was sold to my house mates when he bought his 2nd which we still have and use as a loaner.

i gave mine to my cousin…before i had a chance to brake it

Mine has been scalped for various parts since ive gotten my trials uni. Examples: Seat, seatpost, bearing caps, nuts and bolts, and the the frame was on my trials for a while…thats about it.

My first unicycle (a no-name 20" thing) is still completely intact. The cranks are ever-so-slightly bent, and the pedals could use some TLC, but it’s all there. When I’m feeling masochistic and/or nostalgic I bust it out sometimes.

im turning mine into a tall unicycle


I was using mine last night then today.

I haven’t used it for ages, but I decided to play about last night with the juggling clubs.

I was working at the local school today, and they are having an activity’s week. They have some folk in teaching unicycling, so I went up to see them when I was on Tea break. The 20" was perfect for playing about.

I can’t see me buying another 20" unicycle, so it is good to be able to drag out the old 20" unicycle for juggling and playing about.