Still got it!

It’s a few years now (about 8?) since I was training hard, riding against the stopwatch several evenings a week.

At that time, my Personal Best was to cover 12.95 miles in exactly 1 hour.

That was on a Coker Big One, 36", steel rim, Coker button-tread tyre, Viscount saddle and no handle.

I now have a Nimbus 36 with the aerofoil rim, KH freeride saddle with Nimbus T handle, and the grooved (heavy but low drag) tyre.

In each case the cranks are 150 mm.

Today in my first timed ride for several years, and coping with crowds on parts of my route, I managed 11.8 miles in exactly 1 hour.

I make that a shortfall of only 9%, and given I’m now 2 months short of 50 years old, and with less opportunity to ride/train, I’m pretty pleased with that.

In the last section of the ride I timed myself at a cadence of just over 120 rpm.

That’s pretty good for your first time riding in after 8 years, just keep it up


I didn’t read your post either.

Just to clarify it was my first timed ride for 8 years. I don’t ride as much as I used to, but I still ride for an hour or so most weeks.

Good stuff :slight_smile: one of the things I like about this sport is that there’s plenty of older riders- I’m 46 myself and unicycling is the main thing I use to stay healthy and fit, I intend to continue riding well into old age as long as I can.