still forsale :(

i still have the surly conundrum for sale so pm me make me an offer even a trade you never know what ill take on the right day
do a surch for surly conundrum and you should be able to find the pics

ok here it is
specs : profile hub and 170mmcranks
26" surly frame
large marge rim
hs33 magura
kh saddle from norco
thompson seat post
rail adapter
atom lab pedals

ill trade u my torker DX? (this isn’t really a serious offer, unless you want to?)

sure ill take that trade as long as you include about 900 cash

Vic: how about giving people and idea of what you are hopping to get for it?

here is a hint: you are not going to get $900 for it in that condition. Stop telling people that it is new! That is pretty nasty damage on the crank. What happened?

To quote yourself:


that "damage " as you like to call it is where the name profile is stamped in to the crank arm and ive already dropped the price half of what i payed for it and have the reciepts to prove it. the only scratches are onthe pedals and thats as a result of me running them on my pugsley for 2 winters and on the saddle handle from me dropping it in the garage