Still another KH20 on EBAY - this one used

Hey all - FYI there’s a used KH20 on eBay - link

It looks pretty well used. Bidding starts at $250.

holy crap! 55 dollars for shipping! dayum!

not a super deal, considering it was well used

You pay the shipping. If it’s more, you pay that much more, if less he’ll refund you.

oh i see now. I hadnt read it thoroughly

he is short.

uhm not really a great deal. The guys aint very friendly… no returns postage is $55 well i’ll say so… lol

wonder if the guy is here.

I mean he is very short lol

are the cranks rusted or just really battered? either way they look bad lol

I think they’re aluminum, so not rusted, just battered.

KH 2005/2006 use CrMO hollow tube cranks.
Trust me, I sanded mine and they rusted like hell :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
But I got the 2007 version now, so nothing to worry about.


Oops. Sorry, then I guess those cranks (on the eBay KH20) do look rusty.

Mmm, a well used KH 2005 usually means a pretty bent KH 2005 unless he didn’t use it very often… the cranks don’t look very rusty to me, five grinds and the rust is off again, I will agree that it’s not a very sharp price haha

And you should always beware of “No refunds”…