stiff stick seatposts for sale

i am selling these seatpost at $45 or if you would like send me your seatpost
and i can do the mod on it. this will cost only $20 i can make them on any
type of seatpost except shwinn. in any lenght. this is a picture of one that
i made for caw89 it is on a torker dx seatpost. please pm me with the
type of frme it is goin on and what kind of saddle it will be on
and what color you want it to be painted sorry no chrome.

So you could make a 27.2mm seatpost for my KH that would fit a miyata seat? If so I might be interested.

dude i dont the seatpost i just make seatpost stronger look at the picture

What? I didnt understand that?

You dont make the seatpost, just reinforce them???

yeah i make reinforcement

look at this pic of wat i do

stiff stick 400mm  not painted.JPG

bigger view

stiff stick 400mm  not painted.JPG